Latest report from mobile marketing automation company Swrve reveals benchmarks for mobile app performance

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - July 17, 2014 - Swrve, the world’s leading mobile marketing automation platform, today released results from its App Metrics Report. The report outlines benchmarks for mobile app performance including retention, engagement, time spent, marketing and social sharing behaviors.

Findings from this report show that more than one-third (34.1 percent) of mobile app engagements last less than one minute. That number represents a reminder that initial…

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Enables developers for Amazon Fire OS to manage mobile marketing automation on Amazon Fire Phone and Kindle devices

San Francisco, Calif. – July 15th, 2014 - Swrve, the leader in mobile marketing automation, today announced support for the Amazon Fire Phone, bringing the power of the Swrve platform to the Amazon ecosystem, including support for targeted in-app marketing campaigns and real-time segmentation and optimization.

With the Amazon Fire Phone set to become a major player in the mobile marketplace, Swrve has moved to offer support for the Amazon Fire Phone and Kindle. App developers can support Fire Phone in confidence knowing that Swrve enables them to deliver in-app marketing campaigns…

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SAN FRANCISCO, May 28, 2014 - Swrve, the world’s leading mobile marketing automation platform, today announced a full integration with AppsFlyer, the leader in mobile app installation and conversion tracking. This integration makes it possible to accurately determine ROI on all acquisition spend, and in addition, move the needle on ROI by delivering real-time personalized experiences for users from specific acquisition sources.

AppsFlyer currently delivers the ability to know exactly where all new app users have come from. With this integration, segments in Swrve can be created against any and all acquisition source reported by AppsFlyer. Swrve is able to process and respond to all user events in real-time, which means AppsFlyer identified…

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Increased monetization comes despite Android users showing 17% greater engagement with mobile apps

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San Francisco, Calif.– May 20th, 2014 - Swrve, the leader in mobile marketing automation, today announced the results of its first-ever “App Monetization and Engagement” Report. The report reveals for the first time relative rates of retention, engagement and most importantly monetization for users on Android and those on iOS, using a like-for-like comparison for the month of April.

The report reveals that on average iOS users spend 45% more on in-app purchases than those on Android. Not only do those users…

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Average new players spend 45 cents in first 90 days of life

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San Francisco, Calif.– April 8th, 2014 - Swrve, the leader in driving engagement for mobile apps, today announced the results of its first-ever “New Player” Report. The report reveals for the first time retention, engagement and most importantly monetization numbers for new players, enabling those in the mobile games space to finally benchmark their acquisition performance against competitors.

Findings from this report indicate that of all revenue delivered in the first 90 days of player life, over 53% is generated in the first 7 days.…

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Mobile marketers can now react immediately to user behaviors and adapt user experience based on consumer intent

New pricing tiers see launch of “Swrve for all” campaign

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 17, 2014 — Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced availability of the world’s first real-time personalization engine for mobile apps. Swrve now enables mobile app managers to display targeted campaigns or adapt user experience immediately following any user action.

To date, in-app marketing campaigns - even when delivered to targeted audiences - have required hours or even days to process and act upon user behaviors. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t enough…

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Monetization report lifts the lid on player spend patterns on mobile games

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San Francisco, Calif.– Feb. 25, 2014 - Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced the results of its first-ever Mobile Games Monetization Report. The report, which will be released on a monthly basis, reveals exactly where and how freemium games earn revenue from players.

Findings from this report indicate that an extremely small portion of players, just 0.15%, account for 50% of monthly revenue from in-game purchases. This means that the…

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With A/B testing and personalized messaging, BitMonster boosts time players spent engaged with hit title.

San Francisco, Calif – Feb. 13, 2014 - Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced working with mobile game developer BitMonster to improve player acquisition and retention.

With their hit zombie apocalypse game Gunner Z, BitMonster wanted to ensure that great user experience kept players coming back. To do this, the company turned to Swrve in order to A/B test almost everything in Gunner Z, including: economy values, difficulty, overall game length, session length, in-app purchase prices and special offers.

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Real-time analytics and A/B testing help optimize user experience and increase social shares by over 500%

San Francisco, Calif - Wednesday, January 29

Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced it is working with zeebox, to increase social sharing of content within their second-screen application.

Social TV app zeebox is a content network delivering social community, story feeds, and live interactivity to TV fans worldwide. By integrating social media, the web and outside sources, zeebox enables users to engage with friends during — and in between— their favorite television shows.

Utilizing the Swrve platform, zeebox ran an A/B test with…

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By Testing Variants in Real-Time, Company Identifies In-App Marketing Actions That Impact Bottom Line

San Francisco, Calif. — January 22, 2014 – Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced it is working with mobile game pioneer, Space Ape Games to help improve player retention, loyalty and in-game revenue.

Space Ape Games, a London-based mobile game developer, uses Swrve to optimize the initial on-boarding experience of their competitive combat strategy game, Samurai Siege, resulting in a 5% increase in day one retention. The company also recently used Swrve to test targeted offers resulting in a 3x increase in conversions of non-paid users to spenders.…

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With an entirely new ability to score engagement within the A/B testing process, marketers can now identify variants offering greatest business value at a glance

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., December 09, 2013 — Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced the market-first availability of engagement scoring in A/B testing, making it easier for brands to know which mobile app variants deliver effectively on their business goals.

Conventional A/B testing simply defines a single specific goal, such as a person purchasing an item, and considers anyone reaching that goal to have fulfilled the requirement for success for that A/B test.

Yet, in most cases, testing single…

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Companies Can Increase Customer Retention and Mobile Revenue by Engaging Precise Target Segments with Tailored Content, In and Out of App

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., November 19, 2013

Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced the addition of push notifications to its relationship marketing platform, now making it possible for marketers to reach customers with highly targeted messages and offers, even when outside the application.

Marketers can deliver individualized push campaigns — campaigns which are relevant and contextual — based on a detailed understanding of in-app behavior and recency data. With push notifications, coupled with Swrve’s advanced segmentation…

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Data Integration with Swrve Enables MobileAppTracking Customers to Properly Assign Revenue Figures to Segments of Users to Maximize ROI

San Francisco, CA, 10/02/2013
Swrve, the in-app direct marketing platform, announced today a full integration with MobileAppTracking by HasOffers, the leader in mobile advertising attribution analytics. This integration allows companies to quickly measure true ROI on their acquisition spend and also maximize that ROI through personalized user experiences based on acquisition source.

MobileAppTracking enables companies to track marketing campaigns across multiple ad networks, providing data on clicks, conversions and other data…

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Swrve today announces a solution to one of the most pressing analytics issues for mobile app and game studios. With the general availability of its ‘Fraud Filter’ for iOS, Swrve is stripping away all reporting of any revenue from fraudulent sources. The filter enables mobile app businesses to finally get a complete and true view of the revenue and ROI delivered by user experience changes, marketing campaigns and all other product developments for the first time.

Over-reporting of revenue due to the inclusion of fraudulent transactions has long been a problem for mobile app and game studios. In extreme cases, fraudulent revenue can be up to ten times the amount of true revenue, making it absolutely impossible to evaluate in any meaningful…

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Based in London, England, Hutch aims to bring the highest quality experiences to mobile and tablet gamers, delivering innovative and exciting ways to play on touch screen devices.

As the studio behind the wildly successful “Smash Cops” series, their approach is obviously working.

Now Hutch is implementing Swrve to take the game experience to the next level. By integrating with Swrve, Hutch is able to dynamically adapt games “in-flight” - serving unique content to targeted player groups and ensuring each user gets an experience that suits them. That ability in turn means better gameplay, higher levels of engagement, and increased in-game revenues from the player base.

In addition, Hutch are also…

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The product, fully integrated in the Swrve platform, enables Swrve customers to build, send and test in-app messages to highly targeted audiences.

To date, in-app messaging has meant broadcast messages to large user groups - causing wasted inventory, low response rates, and increased customer churn due to the over-promotion of irrelevant offers. SwrveTalk builds on fine-grained behavioral and demographic targeting to ensure that only messages of high relevance are delivered.

That approach means improved click-through rates, greater ROI on cross-promotional campaigns, and the success of in-app conversion campaigns.

Users of SwrveTalk are able to define campaigns across multiple games in a portfolio, specifying…

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With operations in New York, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, Funtactix is a global player in the development of Facebook games, with hits including Mission:Impossible, The Game, and The Hunger Games Adventures already demonstrating its ability to deliver engaging, innovative gaming experiences to players.

Swrve, a complete game optimization platform, allows them to use player data to inform key decisions on game design and development, and in doing so maximize retention, engagement, conversion and revenue.

Swrve also enables the Funtactix team to segment users by behaviour, demographic, viral profile and acquisition source. With a knowledge of how each target group of players interacts with the game, and which factors…

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Based in Toronto, Canada, HitGrab exemplifies a new breed of smart, data-focused social and mobile gaming publishers.

As part of that approach, HitGrab will use Swrve within multi-million install games such as ‘Magic Pets’ and ‘Mouse Hunt’ to provide KPI data on player activity, support complex segmentation of the user base, and enable A/B testing of game elements in order to optimize player experience.

With a focus on converting installed customers to long-term retained players, HitGrab is to use Swrve to build complex models of early-life stages, identifying poorly performing aspects of each game, and use the ability to test alternative scenarios directly within the game. As a result, HitGrab hopes to realize…

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The move enables Swrve customers to bring key data relating to mobile apps and games into Geckoboard dashboards.

This in turn allows business users to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time and alongside other metrics from elsewhere in the organization.

The integration was made possible by Geckoboard’s recently released online Widget Editor that allowed the Swrve team to rapidly create Geckoboard widgets.

As part of the integration, Swrve and Geckoboard users will be able to view daily and monthly activity relating to the full range of mobile app and game KPIs, including revenue, retention, average revenue per user (ARPU), items purchased and re-engagement.

These metrics…

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With the cost of acquisition rising for all app publishers, the need to determine the effectiveness of that spend is more pressing than ever.

Campaign Tracker combines Swrve’s established ability to report revenue by user with unique source attribution technology. The result is clear, real-time data on the revenues generated from specific campaigns.

At the heart of the product is the ability to ‘back-date’ iOS acquisition. Traditionally supplied after the event, Swrve Campaign Tracker enables all prior revenue events to be correctly attributed to each user ID and correctly time-stamped - for the first time enabling accurate revenue information to be applied to iOS acquisition.

This unique capability,…

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