If it drives mobile success, it's in Swrve. From in-app campaigns and local-time push notifications to real-time responsive UX and A/B testing

An integrated mobile marketing automation platform

The Swrve platform is about one thing: helping you move the needle on the metrics that matter in your mobile business and build stronger, more profitable relationships with your mobile users

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Marketing Automation

We see the mobile world differently. Success isn't about building great apps, or even acquiring millions of users. It's about nurturing your relationships with those users. Ensuring as many installs as possible become engaged customers, as many engaged customers are retained, and as many dormant users come back.

That's why every aspect of our product is designed to drive those numbers and make a difference. Swrve is designed by marketers for marketers. It's easy to get up and running. And we're ready to scale to any challenge. 

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Swrve - In App Campaigns

In App Campaigns

If you want to talk to your mobile users, do it where it counts: live and in the app. Our in-app campaigns are targeted right down to the individual user, fully customizable, testable and part of an integrated single mobile marketing automation platform. Now you can manage the conversation, direct from our dashboard and with no engineering requirement.

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Swrve - In App Campaigns
Swrve - In App Campaigns
Swrve - In App Campaigns
Swrve - A/B Testing

A/B Testing

"Test everything" is at the heart of our philosophy, and Swrve is the only enterprise-ready A/B testing platform for mobile apps. Whether it's native content edits, in-app or push campaigns - our A/B testing platform automates everything and delivers results you can trust.

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A/B Testing
+ 23%
A/B Testing
+ 14%
Swrve - A/B Testing
Swrve - Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Not just push: smart push. Integrated with the rest of your marketing automation efforts, targeted and relevant, Swrve push notification campaigns are the antidote to the 'spray and pray' push that has consumers turning off in droves. With support for local-time send, set-and-forget campaigns, and deep-linking to any location you choose, it's push - but not as we know it.

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Swrve - Lock Screen
Swrve - Lock Screen Notification
Swrve - Push Notifications Swrve - Push Notifications Swrve - Push Notifications Swrve - Push Notifications
Swrve - Push Notifications
Swrve - Segmentation


The heart of everything we do. If effective marketing is targeted marketing, we're the most effective marketing there is. Put simply - if it happens on mobile, we know about it, and we enable our users to build infinitely granular segments and target groups based on that knowledge. Oh, and all in real-time too.

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Swrve - Segmentation


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