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Increase engagement by showing new users a walk-through of the app while explaining the primary functionality.

Create a Dynamic Tutorial for New Users
Create a Dynamic Tutorial for New Users

Campaign Tool


Who to Target

New users

When to Target

Create an ongoing campaign. Swrve segments users in real-time, therefore this campaign only needs to be set up once and then every time a person enters into the target segment, they are shown the campaign automatically.

What to Test and Optimize

You can run several onboarding campaigns with different wording and imagery to see which version generates the highest new user retention. Also, you can view the click-through rate for each page to identify the pages with the highest drop-off rates. Update the onboarding pages with new wording and imagery as you release features, functionality, and make interface changes.

What to Measure

  • Day 1, 7 and 30 retention
  • Subsequent time using highlighted features
  • Conversation completion rate
  • Use of features highlighted in video
  • Subsequent time in app

How to run this campaign in Swrve


  • New users: On the User Lifecycle dashboard, in the top right corner of the New user lifecycle card, click the menu and select Create Conversation.

           Swrve - Create a conversation


  • On the Set Target screen, set the Conversation to display at Session Start.
  • Set the conversation display rules to display the Conversation only once to each user.

           Set Target

Copy/Creative Ideas

  • Include screen shots with annotations that explain where to find and how to use key functionality inside the app.
  • Try changing the flow of the same set of pages to test effectiveness of the page order.


  • Copy
  • Art
  • Length/number of pages
  • Order of pages