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Drive revenue by tying a special offer to holiday timing

Holiday Promotion: Drive Incremental Sales During Key Times
Holiday Promotion: Drive Incremental Sales During Key Times

Campaign Tool

In-app message with option to start this from apush notification

Who to Target

Engaged and Lapsed users

When to Target

Run this campaign around a holiday. The length of the campaign should last three to seven days. Send follow-up messages to those who have not engaged to increase urgency. For example:

  • First day of promotion: Send a push notification with messaging on the details of the sale (for example, “Get 20% off flowers for Mother’s Day!”).
  • Second day of the promotion: Send a targeted push notification to those who started engagement with the promotion but haven’t completed a purchase, and to those who have not yet engaged with the promotion.

Be careful not to send too many push notifications; send only one or two for the campaign.

Set up in-app messages to trigger as soon as someone opens the app to show more details of the promotion. Display another in-app message at the time of purchase to inform the consumer that the discount is being applied to their purchase.

What to Test and Optimize

You can optimize the effect the visual presentation of your message has on users by A/B testing the wording of the in-app message and push notifications, and the imagery for the in-app message.

What to Measure

  • Revenue
  • ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)
  • ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User)

How to run this campaign in Swrve


  • Engaged Users: On the User Lifecycle dashboard, in the top right corner of the Engaged user lifecycle card, click the menu and select Create In-App Campaign.

Engaged Users

  • Lapsed Users: On the Set Target screen, create an audience filter and on the Engagement tab, set the Last Active Date to a date that accurately represents a lapsing user.

Lapsed Users


  • On the Set Target screen, set the message to display atSession Start.

Set Trigger

  • Purchase Confirmation: Set the second in-app message to be triggered at the time of purchase to acknowledge to the consumer that the discount was applied.

Set the second in-app message

Copy/Creative Ideas

  • Include a photo of the discounted item(s).
  • List the original price (slash out) and the discounted price, and the percentage difference.
  • Reaffirm that the sale ends soon to create urgency.


  • Copy
  • Art
  • Button Copy
  • Timing of Message
  • Button placement
  • Discount

Case Study

HBO ran a holiday mobile campaign where 30 percent of consumers who watched a video made a post-click action to redeem a gift card.