In this recipe

Increase new user retention by providing information about the app’s value and incentives for users within their first week of installing the app.

Nurturing Campaign to Increase Retention
Nurturing Campaign to Increase Retention

Campaign Tool

Push notification

Who to Target

New users

When to Target

Target users one, three and seven days after they install the app.

Make this an ongoing campaign. Swrve segments users in real-time, therefore this campaign only needs to be set up once and then every time a person enters into the target segment, they are shown the campaign automatically.

What to Test and Optimize

You can optimize the effect the visual presentation of your message has on users by A/B testing the wording of the push notification.

What to Measure

  • Day 1, 7 and 30 retention
  • Session starts
  • Total time in app
  • Click-through rate

How to run this campaign in Swrve


  • On the Set Target screen, create an audience filter and on the Engagement tab, first target users who installed the app one day ago.

           Set Target screen

  • Then, target users who installed the app three days ago.

           Target users who installed the app three days ago

  • Next, target users who install the app seven days ago.

           target users who install the app seven days ago


  • Push notifications should be sent at a user’s optimal response time using Swrve Predictive Push.

Copy/creative Ideas

  • One day after install, thank users for downloading the app, and mention a feature they haven’t used yet (deeplink to the feature).
  • Three days after install, incentivize evaluating users to return to the app by offering free virtual currency (if a game app), or a promo code or free month of premium for non-game apps.
  • Seven days after install, remind evaluating users that they still have credit or time left on their premium subscription.


  • Copy
  • Offers
  • Timing