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Generate additional downloads of a featured item with a video.

Promote Items with Video
Promote Items with Video

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Who to Target

  • Users who have not yet made a purchase but have viewed the featured item
  • Users who have previously made a purchase

When to Target

Trigger the Conversation at a point in the app flow that is non-disruptive to the user experience. In a game, a good trigger point could be between two levels, where the featured item will be of benefit for the next level. In a retail app, try showing the featured item immediately when someone next opens the app.

Swrve also allows you to set the maximum number of times that a user will see a message. Most messages test best when they are shown between one and three times—be careful not to over-messaging users.

What to Test and Optimize

Test the timing of the Conversation and the content of the video to determine what generates the best results. Test videos of different length and try different content.

Changing creative assets in the Swrve Platform is easy. Swrve Conversations include a rich text editor, so you can type a title and explanatory text and immediately see what the page will look like to an app user. Swrve’s video embed functionality works with YouTube embed links, which just takes seconds to change.

What to Measure

  • Video views
  • Clicks into the store
  • Purchase of the item after video view
  • First time purchases

How to run this campaign in Swrve


  1. To target users who have viewed an item, but not completed a purchase, on the Set Target screen, create the following audience filters.
    • On the Events tab, set the feature view event to at least users who have viewed an item, but not completed a purchase
    • Then, on the Purchases tab, add a filter for users who have not completed an in-app purchase.add a filter for users who have not completed an in-app purchase
  2. For users who have previously made a purchase, create an audience filter and on the Purchases tab, target users who have completed at least one in-app purchase. target users who have completed at least one in-app purchase


Consider which moment within your app a user would be most receptive to seeing a video about this featured product. For example:

  • In a retail app, it might be when they click into the section that the featured item is in; for example, a video about a new style of sandals when a user clicks into the “footwear” screen.
  • A car service app might promote a new carpool service to users who previously booked a standard ride.
  • A gaming app could show a video between levels of a new booster pack that will give players a competitive advantage in the levels to come.

Copy/Creative Ideas

  • Use a single clear call to action such as “Watch Video”.
  • Try adding some text under the video that provides more context.
  • Below the video, button text can direct users where to go next with wording like, “Buy Now”, which deeplinks people straight to the item, and, “Go Shop”, which takes them back into the regular app experience.


  • Copy
  • Videos
  • Button Copy
  • Timing of Messages