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Re-engage lapsed users with messaging relevant to a real world event, such as events, holidays, and celebrations that they may be interested in.

Re-Engaging Users With Real World Tie-Ins
Re-Engaging Users With Real World Tie-Ins

Campaign Tool

Push notification

Who to Target

Lapsed users

Push notifications are perfect for reaching out to users who have spent time in the app but haven’t done so lately. Reaching out around a key real-world event is a great way to drive app re-engagement and drive business value.

When to Target

Depending on the app’s vertical, there are a number of events throughout the year which are relevant to the user base. For example:

  • Retail apps could send out a push on Black Friday notifying customers of deals or sales happening running for that day.
  • Betting or sports apps could send pushes with the score of a match, or offering odds on an upcoming game.
  • Dating apps could notify users in a certain city of an upcoming speed dating night.

Depending on the type of event, you can schedule the push notification to go out before, during or after the real world event takes place. You can also schedule push notifications to all go out at the same time, or at the user’s local time. Swrve’s Predictive Push feature enables push notifications to be sent at a user’s optimal time, and is highly recommended for best results.

What to Test and Optimize

You can optimize the effect the visual presentation of your message has on users by A/B testing the text of the push notification. You can also test the call-to-action wording on the buttons. This is very simple using Swrve’s push notification editor. You can experiment with the text variations, use friendly or assertive language, or test two different offers.

For example, you could test, “Black Friday Sale – save 50% on tennis racquets”, against, “Black Friday!! Tennis racquets 50% off for one day only!!” Review analytics to see which tone and message performs the best, and optimize future campaigns based on the results.

What to Measure

  • Engagement rate
  • Subsequent time in app
  • Subsequent number of sessions
  • Revenue (in-app, online, or in the store)
  • Number of units purchased

How to run this campaign in Swrve


  • For lapsed users, on the User Lifecycle dashboard, in the top right corner of the Lapsing user lifecycle card, click the menu and select Create Push Campaign.

Create In-app Campaign

Copy/Creative Ideas

  • Be timely; reference an event which is happening or will happen within a day of the push.
  • Use a single clear call to action such as, “Buy now!”
  • Users often respond well to questions and to humor, so use these if they are appropriate.


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  • Deeplinks
  • Timing of push