In this recipe

Increase first time user retention by highlighting your app’s features in a new user tutorial.

Tutorial Video: Increase User Retention at First App Open
Tutorial Video: Increase User Retention at First App Open

Campaign Tool


Who to Target

New users

When to Target

Create an ongoing campaign. Swrve segments users in real-time, therefore you can set up this campaign once and then every time a person qualifies for the target segment, they are shown the campaign automatically. In this case, show the message at the beginning of the user’s first session.

What to Test and Optimize

You can run several campaigns with different videos to see which version drives the highest retention rate.

What to Measure

  • Click-through rate on video
  • Video completion rate
  • Increase in first time user retention
  • Average time spent in app by first time users versus control group

How to run this campaign in Swrve


  • New users: On the User Lifecycle dashboard, in the top right corner of the New user lifecycle card, click the menu and select Create Conversation.

Create Conversation


  • Set the Conversation to display at Session Start.
  • Set the message rules to display the Conversation only once to each user.

Set the message rules

Copy/Creative Ideas

  • Welcome new users with a short video that highlights the app’s primary features.
  • Include a narrative that describes how to use the app.


  • Video length – suggestions: 5 second, 10 seconds and 15 seconds
  • Video content
  • Button text



  • You need to create the videos and host them in a publicly accessible location (for example, YouTube).