How To Boost Your App Store Rating

How To Boost Your App Store Rating

Drive Acquisition Through Improved App Store Ratings

Your App Store rating has a significant influence on new user acquisition. Improving your rating is usually just a simple case of asking the right people to rate your app - and asking them at the right time. Here’s how:

Better App Store Ratings Drive Better Rankings

Better Ratings Drive Better Rankings

Does your App Store rating really matter? The answer is an unambiguous “yes”. Research tells us that an increase in star rating from 3 to 4 can lead to an 340% increase in acquisition levels.

That’s no surprise. Ratings influence how apps are ranked in App Store charts, and users are significantly less likely to convert from the Store if a ranking is low. Delivering the best possible rating for your app is absolutely vital.

Who Leaves Reviews?

If you don’t take control of your app ratings process, you are simply asking app users at random to broadcast their opinion of your work to the wider world. That’s like taking a random customer out of a store and putting them in a television advert - before even establishing they like your product.

The first step in driving an increase in ratings is asking the right people, and only the right people, to leave a review.

How To Do It Right

Here's how to use Swrve's segmentation, triggering and in-app messages to help you ask for reviews and increase App Store ratings.

Target the right users when asking for an app store review

Establish Who Loves Your App

There’s a simple way to establish who loves your app - and who you’d like to send to the App Store to leave a rating. Ask them.

A simple in-app message delivered at the appropriate moment simply asks users how they are enjoying the app. Those users who leave a positive response are then directed to the App Store to leave a review through a deeplink.

Segment of users to target for a review

Only Target The Right Users

Swrve’s segmentation will decide who are the right users to target. Only ask for a review from people who have used your app.

E.g. An airline app user who has booked 3 flights, used your app more than 10 times and downloaded a boarding card.

Time app store review requests optimally

Display At The Right Time

Users are more likely to agree to leaving a review after they have completed a significant event in the app.

If you’re a flight booking app, ask after someone books a flight. If you’re a dating app, ask for a review when a user pairs with another.

Be patient when asking for app store review

Find Out What Went Wrong

If a user is having a bad experience, do not ask them to leave an App Store review.

Instead, take this as an opportunity to find our what went wrong using Swrve’s in-app surveys.

Often the best insights come from people who are struggling with your app.

Buienradar case study

Case Study

​Buienradar, the leading Dutch weather app, use Swrve.

They only ask users with the latest app version, who had used the app at least 10 times, and looked at the 14 day forecast to leave a review.

The success speaks for itself - they got over 800 App Store reviews averaging 4.5 stars.

A/B test multiple variants of asking for app store review

A/B Test Multiple Variants

​Like all of your mobile campaigns, you should be testing to see which variants are most successful - think in terms of message tone, appearance, audience and trigger.

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