How Service Messaging Can Become Your Most Effective Marketing

How Service Messaging Can Become Your Most Effective Marketing

Service Messages

Service messages - providing important information in real-time - have become far more than just for support and emergencies. They have become everyday, in-the-moment interactions that deepen relationships with customers.

The Opportunity

Mobile provides a 1:1 direct connection with each customer in real-time. This gives you the perfect opportunity to provide service messages to help your customers, and nurture relationships. 

Transactional messaging on mobile.

Transactional Messaging

​Connect your systems to automate a flow of data from internal and external sources that trigger actions in real-time, delivering contextually relevant information.

This is an extremely powerful way of interacting with each user at an individual level.

Use data to get to know your customers better

Data Driven

Use the huge amounts of available data to your advantage. This will provide you with the basis for getting to know your customers better, giving you the ability to send powerful service messages, at an individual level, that matter to your users.

Selling opportunities & predictive messaging

Predictive Messaging & Selling Opportunities

​A great example of a personalized service message is this reminder to check in for a flight.

Convert these service messages into selling opportunities. For example, this flight check-in reminder can be used to sell the ability to choose your seat, or upgrade to business class.

These messages should be based on previous user behavior, making it relevant for the customer.

Service messages as push notifications are cost effective

Cost Efficient & Secure

Push notifications as service messages are significantly more cost effective than SMS messages, and come with the ability of being able to track their performance.

On top of this they are less prone to fraud, because they are signed by an App Store certificate.

Pro-active support during maintenance

Pro-Active Support

Service messages are a great way of providing support information for your users.

​When maintenance is due to your service, notify your customers in advance with a push notification.

If they open your app during the scheduled maintenance, display an in-app message explaining the situation. They can be even be displayed when there is no internet occasion.

Track user behavior to add predictive context to service messages

Manage Opt-Ins Carefully

​Without a user’s permission, you cannot send push notifications.

It’s crucial to show the user the value of opting in. Explain to them the benefits before serving the default prompt.

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Service Messaging Turns Support Into Marketing


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