How To Identify And Promote Which Features Unlock Growth For Your App

How To Identify Which Features Unlock Growth

The Importance Of Feature Discovery

Identifying features which unlock growth for your app is hugely important. These are the features that activate and convert users into loyal, paying customers who return again and again. Find out what these moments are, and make more users aware of them. 

Use Data To Find Which Features Retains Users

The only way to establish what users really value is by using data. The goal is to find a feature that is used by most users who are retained, but isn’t by most users who disappear. Swrve’s analytics will help you.

Swrve Premium Analytics

Premium Analytics

Alongside retention and cohort analysis, use Swrve Premium Analytics to discover what your power customers have in common with each other.

By comparing control and variant groups (those who have used and not used a specific feature) it should be possible to establish which aspects of the app experience have the greatest impact on long term loyalty and customer value.

Welcome tours and in-app messages

Point It Out During Onboarding

Once you have identified what features drive retention, make sure that your users are aware of the feature. Incorporate this into your onboarding.

Welcome tours are useful, but are also skipped through easily. Tip overlays point out features at a contextually relevant moment for the user when they can take immediate action.

Notify Users of Features Over Time

Do It Over Time

Feature discovery should continue over time, and users should be targeted based on their behavior and stage of usage. In any case, avoid showing advanced features to new users while onboarding, but don’t hold back when you think they’re ready. Reinforce the value of your app by regular prompts, or even a push notification reminder.

Test What Works Best For You

Test What Works Best For You

However you decide to show your key features, it is essential to A/B test different versions. Just like discovering what features retain the most users, the only way to establish what works best is using data.

Survey power users

Survey Power Users

Use Swrve’s surveys to ask only the successful users of your app what it is that they like.

Trigger the request after a significant event as users are more likely to opt in.

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