How To Manage Account Creation On Mobile

How To Manage Account Creation On Mobile

The Challenge

Account creation can be a fiddly business for mobile users. Getting users to create an account is, however, a crucial step for many apps, which will benefit metrics downstream, like revenue, engagement and retention.

Here’s how to make the process as simple as possible - and enjoy all those benefits without imposing too much ‘mental load’ on your mobile customers.

The Solution

The key is to actively manage this process so that account creation is understood as a beneficial step by users, and can be completed quickly and easily. This takes careful planning, testing, and optimization. And of course, there are varying requirements for different apps

Do You Need Account Creation?

Do You Need Account Creation?

It sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying - if your app doesn’t need registered users, don’t do it! To find out which category you fit in, A/B test registration vs no registration, and analyse the downstream effects on your KPIs of users with accounts versus those without.

Explain Benefits To The User

If your app does require users to create an account, ensure that you explain the benefits they will receive from doing so - personalized information and offers, easier transactions and so on. Pitch in terms of the benefits to the user..

Decide When To Prompt For Account Creation

There are different ways of doing this, and ultimately it is down to you to figure out which method works best for your app. Testing can help. Forcing ‘hard’ account creation on users on first app open can scare users away.  On the other hand, leaving account creation to the moment a user has decided to make a first transaction in the app can lead to considerably higher cart abandonment rates. The best way to decide is with data. A/B test and find your own sweet spot.

Social Logins

Social Logins

Social media logins are often a ‘frictionless’ way to avoid the account creation process. They increase registrations, verify email, give you access to richer user profiles - all through a one-click experience. But it’s not all good news. A small but not insignificant amount of users may be wary of linking to their social media accounts due to security/privacy concerns.

More importantly it doesn’t provide the full picture. You’ll still need to collect payment details at some point, for example.g. At risk of sounding like a broken record - test what works best for you!

Keep Interactions Native

Working with a dynamic, ‘native mobile’ marketing platform gives your account creation screens the look and feel of being a part of the app. Furthermore you can change and adjust screens whenever you want, without the need of any hard-coding or resubmissions to the app stores That means rapid testing and optimization - and a better user experience

Design Simplicity

Clean, simple screens - with just the right amount of content - are highly effective. Avoid scrolling on mobile, and provide clear feedback to users so they understand how long the process will take. Any kind of complexity or excessive length will cause completion rates to fall drastically - don’t let this happen.

Use Other Interactions To Encourage Account Completion

Use Other Interactions To Encourage Account Completion

Don’t just rely on in-app interactions to encourage account creation or completion. Push notifications allow you to interact with users outside of the app experience. Be careful, however. Unwanted push notifications can annoy users - even leading to the app being uninstalled.

Keep push relevant, and incentivize account creation.. Syncing your mobile data with your email service provider brings one more channel to the party. Trigger emails based on your mobile users’ behavior - so you can send emails only to users who haven’t fully completed the account creation process.

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