Mobile Surveys: Reimagining Customer Satisfaction

Mobile Surveys: Reimagining Customer Satisfaction

The Point of Customer Satisfaction On Mobile

Use Swrve surveys to gather customer insights, and make better decisions.  Do people like the login? How about that new feature? How was your flight? 

As consumers spend seven out of every ten digital minutes inside mobile apps, it is critical that your questions are triggered by behaviours in-app, and surveys are delivered and completed in-app.

The power of mobile surveys

Reimagine How You Check In With Your Customers

Think how many times you have taken part in a mobile survey, after an Uber ride or on finishing a Netflix series, and apply this interaction model to your mobile business.

Underpinning these examples are three components to a successful mobile survey:

  • Who are you targeting?
  • What is the correct moment to ask a question?
  • Is the interaction simple to complete?

Case Study: Ryanair

Ryanair use Swrve to continuously track the customer satisfaction of their passengers.  It’s core to their 'Always Getting Better' program

Speak to the right passengers

Speak To The Right Passengers

Ryanair want to check in with passengers as soon as their flight lands. The perfect moment is the 20 seconds between when a user switches off flight mode, and before the phone connects to a network (and the deluge of calls, mail, social, etc. hits the phone).

To target the right passengers they set Swrve up to take information direct from a customer’s boarding pass. This lets Swrve know exactly where and when a passenger is landing. The where is critical. In fact it is a geofence. Once broken, Swrve knows the passenger has just landed.

Reach out with surveys to the right users at the perfect moment

Reach Out At The Perfect Moment

Swrve knows that the passenger has just broken the geofence for Manchester Airport at the moment they turn off flight mode. This triggers a personalised notification asking the passenger to rate their flight.

Note - the passenger in many cases may not yet have cellular or roaming access. So to deliver this survey, Swrve has cached the entire interaction on their device long before departure. In short the survey happens, even without internet access.

Make mobile surveys quick and easy for users to complete

Make Surveys Quick And Easy

The push notification in turn opens the app and serves passengers with an in-app survey. Speed and simplicity are crucial for high completion rates.

In just a few screens, using a star-based survey, Ryanair are able to offer customers the chance to rate overall experience, boarding, crew friendliness, service onboard and range of food and drink.

Speak your customer's language by localizing campaigns

Speak Your Customer's Language

Localize your campaigns to boost engagement. If your passenger is e.g. French speaking, Swrve will deliver the survey in French. If German…Swrve does this automatically by capturing the language setting on the passenger’s phone.

Ryanair's hugely successful Rate My Flight results

The Results

Some 300,000 customers took part in Ryanair’s ‘Rate My Flight’ campaign, with 92% of customers rating that they were satisfied with their experience.

See for yourself!

Trigger Deeper Surveys Later On

More in-depth surveys are obviously still very important. For example, if users are unhappy with some specific element of their experience, you will want to know why. Connect with your in-house email system to send personalized, longer-form email surveys to these users.

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Mobile Surveys: Reimagining Customer Satisfaction


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