Date: November 25th, 2019

Swrve, the world leader in real-time, relevant customer engagement announced today that global leader in mobile games, Vivid Games has generated over $2.3 million in upsell revenue by delivering deeply relevant, hyper targeted in-app messaging to players at optimal times for engagement. 

Vivid Games is an award-winning global leader in mobile games, and Poland’s largest game developer. Their dedication to developing visually outstanding games that connect players in moments of delight has earned the studio awards such as Best Indie Developer, Best Polish Game of the Year, and Apple’s prestigious Editors’ Choice for work on popular games like Real Boxing and Godfire. 

Since partnering with Swrve in 2015, Vivid Games has relied on Swrve to build, segment, and deliver hyper-targeted communications to players at global scale. With Swrve, the team at Vivid Games have a real-time advantage when meeting individual player needs, acting on new in-game behaviors, and gathering key insights for useful campaigns. 

“Swrve has allowed us to connect with millions of players with smarter messaging and perfect timing. The real-time in-app messaging we send with Swrve doesn’t look or feel like marketing messaging—they’re rich and on-brand enough to be seen as another level of the player experience,” said Jacek Kwiatkowski, Head of Analytics at Vivid Games. “This alone has created $2.3 million in upsell revenue and produced valuable lifts in app store ratings, which is very positive for our brand.”

Using Swrve, Vivid Games achieved the following results:

  • Over $2.3 million generated in upsell revenue gained as a result of sending deeply relevant, hyper targeted in-app messaging when players were most likely to engage
  • 96% of targeted players engaged by a retention-driven in-app campaign, driving them to spend more time in the app
  • $13 monthly annual revenue per paying user (ARPPU) generated by high-quality game experiences that are supported by relevant 1:1 messaging
  • Their app rating increased from 3.6 to 4.3 within one month of campaign deployment.

“Swrve makes it easy for marketers to process and segment over 14 billion personalized interactions daily, giving mobile games the unparalleled ability to scale relevant communications confidently over millions of players in real time,” said Tom Aitchison, CEO at Swrve. “As one of the top mobile games developers in the world, Vivid Games needed a platform that would help them build, segment, and deliver hyper-targeted communications to players at a global scale. We’re delighted to see the results they have achieved with our customer engagement platform, and look forward to their future partnership with Swrve.”

About Swrve

Swrve is the mobile marketing and customer engagement platform that helps leading brands confidently scale personalized interactions over millions of customers in real time. Serving customers across the globe, Swrve is currently installed in 3.5 billion apps worldwide and processes 14 billion events daily.

About Vivid Games

Vivid Games is a leading mobile games development studio in Poland. With our global reach & world’s best mobile boxing franchise under our belt (Real Boxing), we are here to produce top-notch mobile entertainment.

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