Date: February 25th, 2020

Swrve, the leader in mobile marketing and customer engagement, announced today that Telefónica, one of Europe’s largest telecommunications providers, has used Swrve to increase retention by 50%, boost existing app user engagement by 40%, and inspire valuable app user activity across their mobile campaigns for the Smart Wifi app. With over 300 million customers across 17 different countries, Telefónica needed a solution that was dynamic enough to help deliver individualized experiences that were relevant to each user, and help them lift their app ratings in the process. 

“Your best telecom experience is going to be a triple threat of speed, convenience, and value. Swrve helps us make that a reality with real-time relevance,” said Malik Samjee, Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence at Telefónica. “We’re amazed by the difference it makes in the timeliness, value, and personalization of our messaging. We could not have hit our engagement goals without the sophisticationand depth of Swrve’s AI, targeting, and live data streaming across SDKs and customer channels.”

With Swrve, Telefónica can send hyper-relevant messages that advance customer experience (CX), optimize engagement, and drive high-value interactions in real time across channels. Swrve helped Telefónica achieve the following results:

  • A 53% lift in app store rating—from 2.8 stars to 4.3 stars—giving Telefónica the boost it needed to meet brand reputation goals
  • 50% increase in new app user retention through the delivery of highly personalized, smartly targeted engagement, lowering acquisition and cost-per-install (CPI)
  • 40% increase in existing app user engagement with more users managing and checking their devices at optimal times in the app, decreasing costly calls made to the Telefónica support center 
  • 25% increase in engagement among Day 30 app users, validating that real-time targeting and AI-driven message delivery has successfully retained and engaged users well beyond their first use of the app
  • 10% increase in app activity amongst users that were at risk of churn, driven as a result of more relevant messaging successfully showing at-risk users the true value of the app

“I am thrilled to see Telefónica achieve such great results in app engagement and retention rates by incorporating Swrve's marketing and customer experience platform into its messaging strategy,” said Tom Aitchison, CEO at Swrve. “Telefónica has demonstrated the potential for telecommunications providers to offer each customer unique, real-time value by optimizing the relevance of their app's user experience in real time.”

For more information see the full case study with Telefónica here