Date: May 29th, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, May 28, 2014 - Swrve, the world’s leading mobile marketing automation platform, today announced a full integration with AppsFlyer, the leader in mobile app installation and conversion tracking. This integration makes it possible to accurately determine ROI on all acquisition spend, and in addition, move the needle on ROI by delivering real-time personalized experiences for users from specific acquisition sources.

AppsFlyer currently delivers the ability to know exactly where all new app users have come from. With this integration, segments in Swrve can be created against any and all acquisition source reported by AppsFlyer. Swrve is able to process and respond to all user events in real-time, which means AppsFlyer identified acquisition sources will have customized experiences from day one.

Swrve and AppsFlyer now allow app marketing and product managers to:

  • Report revenue numbers and the full range of app KPIs against acquisition source and deliver a full understanding of marketing campaign ROI.
  • Create campaigns - both via push notifications and in-app messages - that address target audiences from specific acquisition sources, from the moment they enter the app.
  • A/B test and deliver alternative app experiences to users from specific acquisition campaigns and provide the best possible retention levels for all users.

Integration is seamless, requires zero development effort and is available immediately for all AppsFlyer and Swrve customers.

“The next trend in the mobile app industry is real-time optimization and personalization,” said Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Swrve. “This integration allows Swrve users to customize experiences based on what they understand about the user - before they’ve even arrived in the app. We can serve video content to those who responded to a video acquisition source: but that’s just one example. The possibilities are endless.”

“AppsFlyer delivers greater clarity around acquisition source and install data than anything else out there,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer. “By integrating with Swrve, we don’t just enable even greater insight into what happens after the install, we allow them to actually get involved and make better engagement performance a reality.”

About Swrve

Swrve is the world’s leader in mobile marketing automation.

The Swrve platform delivers everything product and monetization managers need to ensure their mobile apps succeed where it counts - by building long-lasting, profitable relationships with their users and driving the bottom line as a result.

Swrve includes A/B testing, push notifications, and in-app campaigns - all built on the world’s leading mobile analytics package. Swrve is trusted by some of the world’s largest and most successful mobile app businesses. We handle billions of events a day and process data in real-time for multi-million DAU titles.

About AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is a mobile apps measurement platform that allows app developers, brands and agencies to measure and optimize their entire mobile customer acquisition funnel from one real-time dashboard.

AppsFlyer’s holistic approach allows advertisers to measure all media sources, including paid, organic, viral and social sources, without compromising user experience or accuracy. Integrated with hundreds of media partners, AppsFlyer acts as the entry point for advertisers to promote and accurately measure their mobile app promotional campaigns.

Metrics such as installs, post-install attribution, engagement, retention, ROI (return on investment) and LTV (lifetime value) per source are built into AppsFlyer’s core analytics platform, allowing mobile marketers to reach, maintain and optimize for consistent profitability with great ease.

AppsFlyer is passionate about building a technology that will enable marketers to get the most out of their mobile marketing campaigns, allowing them to work their magic to the fullest.