Date: April 21st, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Apr 21, 2015 - Swrve, the world leader in mobile marketing automation, today announced support for push notifications on the Apple Watch. Supporting both short-look and long-look notifications, Swrve is the first mobile marketing platform to enable mobile marketers to control all Apple Watch notification functionality directly through its platform interface with no developer code changes required.

Through Swrve's platform, mobile marketers can add their short-look title directly into the dashboard interface. This title can then be A/B tested like any other feature to determine which copy prompts the best response and sent out like any other push message. Users can also customize and A/B test all components of the long-look notification, including message copy, button copy and deep-links. They can then preview and test what the short-look and long-look versions will look like prior to sending. In addition, Swrve's Transactional Push can trigger Apple Watch notifications based on a customer's online behavior. 

In addition to this new support, customers can take full advantage of Swrve's integrated mobile marketing automation platform including its real-time segmentation, targeting, automation, A/B testing and rich analytics platform. Its open platform also allows a customer to trigger actions through Swrve with an Apple Watch Notification by a third party marketing automation, e-mail service provider, CRM system, data and analytics system or transactional system.

“The Apple Watch represents an exciting opportunity for mobile marketers—the ability to have a conversation with customers through a device that is always on their wrists. Now, marketers need solutions that enable them to engage and interact effectively with the early adopters that are using them,” said Christopher Dean, Swrve CEO. “Swrve is continually adapting to market needs, and by adding this support for Apple Watch push notifications, we continue to be the easiest solution for today's mobile marketer. We're also the first to allow marketers to be data driven and A/B test different variations of Apple Watch Notifications.”

Apple Watch notification support is now available for all Swrve customers. Customers looking to determine how best to engage their app audience through Apple Watch notifications can consult directly with Swrve's Mobile Marketing Strategists.

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