Date: March 18th, 2015

San Francisco, March 18, 2015—Swrve, the leader in mobile marketing automation, today announces support for multiple forms of ‘rich media’ messages, including surveys, video content, and interactive messages that support two-way communication (“Conversations”) with the mobile user. Collectively these features are set to deliver greatly enhanced experiences to mobile users and greater engagement, loyalty and revenue for mobile businesses, through a simple and easy-to-use, non-technical service.

The rise of the mobile app creates challenges for organizations when it comes to communications with users - to date the native app has been unable to support two-way, interactive content. However, with this launch, Swrve re-imagines communication on mobile and supports the delivery of ‘perfect conversations’ in real-time within the app itself. Swrve already supports the creation of in-app campaigns, push notifications and user experience changes to highly targeted audiences, in an easy-to-use platform designed for marketers. This release now adds the following capabilities:

  • Creation of survey or interactive content that, depending on the user response, dynamically shows different subsequent messages
  • Flexibility in adding video content at any point in the app without engineering support
  • The creation of an ‘inbox’ feature within the app that provides a central store for ‘persistent’ communications and alerts users when new messages have been delivered
  • The ability to prompt users to share socially at opportune moments in the app to increase virality
  • The ability to track when users receive, see, and respond to messages

In turn, these capabilities make it possible to have true two-way communication between consumer and marketer both to deliver a superior customer experience and significant savings for businesses when compared to text messages and phone communications. As such, the technology has major implications for organizations wishing to move customer service operations to mobile as well as expand the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns and promotions.

“At Swrve we want our customers to enjoy ‘perfect conversations’ with their users”, said Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. “Marketers now have the power to add surveys and videos instantly to an app, we now support true two-way communication, and enable our customers to delight their mobile users but also automate previously complex operational processes.” The new features, available now, are already integrated into the Swrve platform, and can be configured and delivered using the same intuitive drag-and-drop campaign building model as other Swrve campaigns.  In addition, of course, they are able to call on Swrve’s massively scalable architecture that processes over 6 billion events every day.

About Swrve

Swrve is the world leader in mobile marketing automation.

Swrve provides a set of tools and approaches that enable mobile and digital marketers to deliver outstanding experiences for mobile app users and, as a result, drive engagement, retention and revenue across the business. Those tools include everything needed to deliver the ‘perfect conversation’ - push notifications, image-based in-app messages, interactive rich media messages and native content changes - delivered to the right target audience of users with real-time segmentation, all A/B tested, and without involvement from engineering.

Swrve is used by some of the world’s leading app companies, and processes over 5 billion events a day across a billion devices.