Date: November 13th, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO— Swrve, the world leader in real-time, relevant customer engagement today announced the availability of churn propensity scoring to customers. This enterprise grade scoring of customers’ propensity to churn greatly increases retention rates, and maximizes customer LTV and revenue. 

Swrve analyzes data from over 14 billion touchpoints using best-in-class, industry specific algorithms and models developed to generate a score for each user interacting with a brand—whether that’s on mobile, web, or digital TV platforms. The churn propensity score indicates how likely each user is to stop interacting with a particular app. Brands can then act on the score to create retention campaigns and deliver them to users based on their individual propensity scores, in addition to other key behaviors and signals.

According to Bain and Company, it costs five times as much for a brand to acquire a new user than it does to retain an existing user. This means that marketers and service professionals today need to recognize that focusing on retention will drive measurable value across their customer journeys. Insights gained on customer behavior from the Swrve solution allows brands to respond faster, with more relevant messages and offers, that reduce churn and increase retention. 

“Having the ability to predict churn is exceedingly valuable for companies to drive retention and increase revenue. Swrve’s flexible propensity scoring model enables marketers to segment customers and trigger engagement based on a combination of their churn propensity score and other behavioral data points,” said Lisa Cleary, Chief Product Officer at Swrve. “Swrve’s granular targeting capability is unique in the market and allows for marketers to create more effective retention campaigns, with relevant content delivered to their individual customers in real time.”

Churn propensity scoring is a key feature of Swrve’s marketing and customer engagement platform. For more information please visit

About Swrve

Swrve is the mobile marketing and customer engagement platform that helps leading brands confidently scale personalized interactions over millions of customers in real time. Serving customers across the globe, Swrve is currently installed in 3.5 billion apps worldwide and processes 14 billion events daily.