Date: December 13th, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO—Dec. 13, 2017—Swrve, the leading Customer Interaction Platform, today announced the general availability of its Intent Engine, delivering comprehensive, real-time, behavioral insight relating to every customer or prospect, and supporting more effective communications as a result. With the  Intent Engine, Swrve customers can read and target consumer intent and propensity, meaning the interactions these organizations can deliver to their customers are more personal, relevant and effective than ever before, resulting in higher conversion, monetization and retention.

The Intent Engine collates every fragment of customer behavior — from years ago to minutes ago — in a structured, actionable and real-time form. It then supports queries of infinite complexity, with no limits on recency and frequency combinations. As such, it unlocks real-time intent and makes marketing more effective when it comes to loyalty, engagement and revenue.

“Every customer interaction is a moment of truth for a brand,” said Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. “Our Intent Engine enables Swrve customers to obtain real-time insight that doesn’t just profile or segment customers - it reads their intent as it changes from moment to moment and provides the brand with the tools to interact personally based on that intent.”

Marketing — or any communication — requires the best possible learning apparatus. At the heart of the Intent Engine is the world’s most powerful real-time Event-Processing Engine, handling billions of behavioral events a day to create the most detailed 360° view of each individual customer imaginable. It is only by having an up-to-the-moment understanding of customer behavior that individualized and effective customer communications can be delivered.

For the first time, Swrve’s Intent Engine allows that insight to be accessed, without compromise and in real-time, by marketing teams, increasing campaign effectiveness and reducing costs. The Intent Engine:

  • Unlocks real-time intent from the 12 billion consumer behaviors a day tracked by Swrve across native mobile, OTT and other emerging platforms;
  • Folds in behavioral data from other interaction channels, including desktop and mobile internet, SMS, call center interactions and even POS;
  • Integrates third party data relating to both the business’s own systems (existing marketing stack, inventory, supply chain etc); and,
  • Supports any query against any and all of this data, reflecting any and all recency, frequency and value criteria required.

By providing a single source of real-time data relating to every aspect of customer behavior, the Swrve Intent Engine reduces costs and cycles within marketing teams by providing on-demand access to real-time data, within campaign creation mode, and can be used to drive campaigns in any channel including:

  • Native mobile app campaigns
  • OTT / digital media streaming platforms
  • Web / rich push campaigns
  • Email, either native within Swrve or within external marketing cloud providers
  • SMS

“This is a true paradigm shift in marketing terms:e no longer think in terms of campaigns to existing audiences and segments, we create and deliver interactive experiences as required and in the moment, based on the most sophisticated user Intent Engine in the market,” concludes Dean.

More information is available here

About Swrve

Processing over 12 billion events daily, Swrve's next generation customer interaction platform helps enterprises maximize engagement and monetization by empowering marketers to deliver bespoke mobile experiences to every customer. Swrve provides a comprehensive set of tools that include audience targeting, real-time segmentation, conversations, push notifications, in-app messaging, A/B testing, predictive models, real-time data orchestration, and rich analytics across all marketing channels. Swrve partners with leading brands, agencies and technology partners – including The Guardian, Condé Nast, Warner Brothers, Salesforce, Oracle, and Marketo—and is installed in hundreds of apps across industries, such as retail, media, travel/hospitality, entertainment, sports, games, and banking.