Date: March 17th, 2014

New pricing tiers see launch of “Swrve for all” campaign

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 17, 2014 — Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced availability of the world’s first real-time personalization engine for mobile apps. Swrve now enables mobile app managers to display targeted campaigns or adapt user experience immediately following any user action.

To date, in-app marketing campaigns - even when delivered to targeted audiences - have required hours or even days to process and act upon user behaviors. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t enough in an environment like mobile that demands ‘right here, right now’ reaction in order to seize the moment, respond to customer data and drive revenues as a result.

Swrve now closes that loop between information and action. “Customer events shared with Swrve enable real-time personalization of the app experience, including in-app messaging and dynamic price changes (these would previously have been hard-coded in the app).”. The opportunities such an approach allows are limitless, but include:

  • Dynamically serving alternative landing screen content in the app - based on acquisition source or ‘first actions’ by the user.
  • Serve in-app native messages, using pre-streamed content, offering help as soon as users cancel in-app purchases.
  • React immediately to a user who has just made a first purchase, dynamically reconfiguring the app’s monetization strategy

By delivering these alternate user experiences and in-app messages — based on user actions as they happen — brands can increase user retention, conversion and revenue.

“Swrve has a single focus, to give mobile app developers the tools they need to maximize in-app revenues and drive success on mobile” said Hugh Reynolds, CEO “Our real-time platform brings mobile apps into the ‘post analytics’ age, where data is turned into action, not in a week, day or even hour, but based on user behavior at that exact moment in-time.”

After 18 months of development, Swrve’s real-time capabilities represents a crucial step-forward in what is possible for real-time app management. Swrve’s robust distributed platform delivers at the multi-million DAU scale demanded of today’s most popular apps, and by Swrve’s customers who represent some of the largest app developers in the world.

Simultaneously, Swrve is announcing new pricing tiers intended to bring Swrve’s unrivalled record of success in the enterprise to app developers of every size. With a free developer tier and a ‘flex’ edition starting at only $500, the power of Swrve to build user relationships and drive in-app revenues is now available to all.

“We’re not ashamed to have focused on the big beasts of the app ecosystem” said Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Swrve. “We wanted to build a platform that could handle anything, deliver on every aspect of app performance, and scale all the way. And we did that. But now it’s time for ‘Swrve for all’ - and we’re delighted to be opening up the Swrve experience to app developers of every shape and size. It’s never been easier to join the Swrve community and start making a difference in mobile apps”