Date: June 24th, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, Jun 24, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE)— Swrve, the world leader in mobile marketing automation, today unveiled the Swrve Predictive Marketing Suite. The first to combine predictive analytics with messaging and conversations for mobile apps, Swrve uses behavioral algorithms to predict what app users will do next and automatically presents proactive, relevant communications to customers. This powerful capability empowers mobile marketers to create better user engagement while growing revenues and reducing the risk of churn.

Customer engagement on mobile is just now maturing to a place where there is a need for predictive analytics. Swrve is addressing this shift with its Predictive Marketing Suite, which uses historic data, including number of sessions per users and previous in-app spend, to train the algorithms for each app separately. The technology determines a user’s propensity for action or inaction, based on this algorithm, which looks at others with similar behavior patterns and what they did or did not do. By targeting audience segments by their propensity to take or not take an action, marketers can identify the users they care about most: those that are most likely to engage, convert, spend and churn. Then, marketers can craft messages to each segment through Swrve’s easy-to-use dashboard in order to drive desired business results.

“This is the first time anyone has combined predictive analytics with a communication platform, which gives data-driven marketers a powerful tool to engage users on the future action they are most likely to take, not just past behavior,” explained Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. “Now, marketers can orchestrate more relevant, timely conversations with their users driven by Swrve’s easy-to-use platform.”

Marketers can now take advantage of Swrve Predictive Push, a critical feature in the Swrve Predictive Marketing Suite. Swrve Predictive Push identifies the best, most relevant times to communicate with an individual user via push notifications in order to maximize engagement. This capability has already shown the potential to double conversion rates. Swrve’s Predictive Push feature is available today, the first element of the Predictive Marketing Suite.

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About Swrve

Swrve is the world leader in mobile marketing automation. Swrve provides a set of tools and approaches that enable mobile and digital marketers to orchestrate outstanding experiences for users of mobile apps and other digital channels and, as a result, drive engagement, retention and revenue across the business. Those tools include everything needed to deliver the ‘perfect conversation’ - push notifications, image-based in-app messages, interactive rich media messages and native content changes - delivered to the right target audience of users with real-time segmentation, all A/B tested, and without involvement from engineering. Swrve is used by some of the world’s leading app companies, and processes over 5 billion events a day across a billion devices.