Date: March 11th, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, March 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)—Swrve, a global leader in intelligent customer engagement, today announced Hopster, the pre-school learning and entertainment platform, has leveraged Swrve’s AI-enabled platform to more easily and freely speak directly to parents and guardians about subscriptions and current promotions for safe, quality content for their children.

Hopster creates and markets content that adheres to kidSafe and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) regulations and protects children from ads. To reach its audience with promotional content, Hopster had to elevate its mobile marketing efforts without compromising messaging, and send and manage all subscription-related notifications in a compliant manner. Hopster needed a solution that offered capabilities, such as A/B testing, that could help optimize messaging across multiple touchpoints — including onboarding, re-engagement, and upsells, among others — with its brand.

“Hopster makes screen time a win/win for parents and children, however, scaling communications in real time to meet millions of customers on their chosen channels isn’t a simple task,” said George Jurgens, Lead Growth Manager at Hopster. “We selected Swrve to help engage customers across their entire user lifecycle, allowing Hopster to set the standard for parent and child data security. The Swrve platform was simple to implement and offered us a strategic edge that we will continue to enjoy.”

By using Swrve and its intelligent customer engagement platform, Hopster was able to effectively reach and captivate new and existing users with dynamic and data-driven in-app and push messaging. Not only did Swrve enable Hopster to more easily promote new content, but it also allowed it the freedom to speak to parents of more than 800,000 families in over 35 countries as individuals in their Swrve-supported inbox. With Swrve, Hopster was able to realize the following returns on its investment:

Nine percent of users have subscribed upfront to a yearly subscription because of conversion campaigns

  • A click-through rate of more than 20 percent for reviews
  • A 42-percent user engagement rate from topical messaging campaigns, which allowed Hopster to take action on negative feedback, avoid complaints, and increase App Store ratings
  • An eight percent increase in day-30 users thanks to messaging retention campaigns
  • Twenty percent of new users opened and clicked on the Hopster app within a week of downloading as a result of a hyper-personalized push notification with optimal timing
  • A 21 percent increase in total app sessions, with a two-minute increase in average time spent in the app, due to promotional push notifications.

“Swrve is thrilled that Hopster has realized improved app engagement and retention rates by incorporating Swrve’s intelligent mobile marketing and customer engagement technology into its messaging strategy,” said Tom Aitchison, CEO of Swrve. “By implementing Swrve to improve the reach and relevance of its customer messaging, the company continues to build  engaging customer experiences and set the standard for creating safe and engaging content for parents and their children.”

About Swrve

Swrve is the mobile marketing and customer engagement platform that helps leading brands confidently scale personalized interactions over millions of customers in real time. Serving customers across the globe, Swrve is currently installed in 3.5 billion apps worldwide and processes 14 billion events daily.

About Hopster –

Hopster is an award-winning preschool learning and entertainment service that brings together all the best kids TV shows, music games and books in a safe and ad-free environment. Hopster was named Best Streaming Video Platform for preschoolers by Kidscreen in 2019 and has received a channel nomination at the Children’s BAFTA in 2018. It can be downloaded free from the App Store and Google Play and can be found on selected smart TVs such as Amazon Fire TV, EE TV and Roku in the UK, Comcast Xfinity, DISH and Sling TV in the US and on many other platforms around the world.