Date: June 2nd, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO-2nd June 2015 -Swrve, the world leader in mobile marketing automation, today announced the opening of its European Data Center, which will allow Swrve customers to retain all mobile data within the borders of the European Union and eliminate the potential legal and regulatory risks associated with transferring personal data of European app users overseas.

Swrve collects and stores data on billions of mobile events per day on behalf of hundreds of customers across the globe. With an increasing emphasis on individual privacy and the use of user data in the EU, Swrve moved to open a local data center to ensure customers that their app user data can be stored and used in full compliance with EU Data Protection laws. This means that Swrve customers and their users will no longer have to rely on current “Safe Harbor” self-certification status, which is under increased scrutiny and currently being challenged in the European Court of Justice.

Organizations that currently allow personal data to leave the EU are playing with fire,” said Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve. “The outcome of pending litigation could spell disaster for mobile marketers storing data from European users in the U.S. if ‘Safe Harbor’ status is rescinded. Our customers have voiced their concern, and the European Data Center is the solution that will legally protect them from risks associated with transferring data overseas.”

The move to support data storage within the EU demonstrates Swrve’s commitment to customers in Europe and an ability to work on both a technical and compliance level to ensure customers’ businesses can operate smoothly with minimal risk.

About Swrve

Swrve is the world leader in mobile marketing automation. Swrve provides a set of tools and approaches that enable mobile and digital marketers to deliver outstanding experiences for mobile app users and, as a result, drive engagement, retention and revenue across the business. Those tools include everything needed to deliver the ‘perfect conversation’ - push notifications, image-based in-app messages, interactive rich media messages and native content changes - delivered to the right target audience of users with real-time segmentation, all A/B tested, and without involvement from engineering. Swrve is used by some of the world’s leading app companies, and processes over 6 billion events a day across a billion devices.