Date: August 6th, 2014

San Francisco, Calif. – August 5th, 2014 - Swrve, the leader in mobile marketing automation, today announced support for iBeacon technology, bringing geo-targeted campaigns to the mobile app, and enabling retail marketers to create highly personalized, optimized in-store experiences and thus drive customer satisfaction and revenue.

Swrve already enables marketers to build targeted, multi-touch campaigns and experiences within the mobile app. To enable those campaigns, Swrve collects data relating to mobile activity that is unrivalled in scope and granularity. With iBeacon support, as users enter clearly defined areas within a store, Swrve will automatically trigger in-app campaigns that leverage that data.

This approach gives retailers a huge range of opportunities:

  • As customers enter the store, relevant offers can be pushed directly to the mobile device, communicating what’s in store and prompting users to open the app and enhance the in-store experience.
  • Offers relating to specific items can be pushed directly to users close to those products in store, but only to those likely (based on prior in-app behavior) to have an interest in those items.
  • App navigation and featured items can be updated in real-time to provide immediate, easy-to-find additional information on all close-by in-store items

“It is becoming increasingly apparent that the mobile app is a complement to bricks-and-mortar retail. In fact, it could turn out to be traditional retailer’s best friend” said Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve. “Our iBeacon support means that for the first time it is possible to customize in-store offers and experience based on our understanding of the consumer derived from other channels such as mobile and web as well as real-time proximity data. That means fantastic, memorable customer experiences - and greater revenues as a result.”

“We believe iBeacons represent a huge opportunity for traditional retailers”, said Grant McDougall, Managing Partner at Rosetta, a leading customer engagement agency with a special focus on the retail / digital crossover. “As a partner of Swrve, we’re hugely excited to be implementing this technology and connecting online data with real-world location-based campaigns. That combination has the potential to change the retail landscape entirely”.