Cox Communications Increases App Feature Usage by 220%

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About Cox Communications

Cox Communications is a broadband communications and entertainment company, providing advanced digital video, Internet, telephone and home security and automation services over its own nationwide IP network. The third-largest U.S. cable company, Cox serves approximately 6 million residences and businesses. Cox Business is a facilities-based provider of voice, video and data solutions for commercial customers, and Cox Media is a full-service provider of national and local cable spot and digital media advertising.


The Cox Communications team’s goals included advancing mobile engagement and boosting feature adoption in their app. The ability to confidently scale 1:1 communications across millions of customers in real time would allow them to showcase the true value of their app, and meet the evolving needs and expectations of today’s digital-first world.

By implementing a solution that could process and segment billions of customer actions in real-time, Cox Communications could deliver hyper targeted communications at scale and optimize messaging to reach new heights in their engagement. 

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Swrve’s enterprise-grade targeting and triggering work to create dynamic user journeys that deeply refine the accuracy and precision of relevant messaging at scale. Swrve’s enterprise-grade AI and machine learning engine was built to optimize the unique send-time of every customer interaction. 

With Swrve, Cox Communications could send mobile push messages that deliver real-time value for individual customers, elevating key communications around billing, reminders, and feature marketing across millions of users. 


The Results

With Swrve, Cox Communications could confidently scale relevant communications that surprise and delight their customers. With hyper relevant messaging making an impact in real time, Cox Communications saw valuable increases in engagement; these results include:

  • A 220% increase in DVR reminder feature usage
  • Paperless billing opt-ins tripled 
  • Sharp increases in their app’s voicemail feature