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Swrve works with groundbreaking companies that put the consumer first, including the world’s largest and smartest mobile businesses. We equip them to drive engagement, retention and revenue on mobile. And they keep on growing.

10 billion

events per day

2 billion


Processing billions of events a day, delivering real-time marketing for some of the most popular apps around—no matter what scale you operate at, Swrve is up to the task.

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The Guardian
Conse Nest
"With Swrve, we can thoroughly analyze and test messaging campaigns and different iterations of the user experience, giving us tangible insight into what works best."
Ernesto Schmitt Beamly Co-founder and CEO
"It couldn't be simpler. Swrve enables us to move the numbers that matter to our mobile business"
Tien-Wei Huang Tagged Senior Director CRM
"Swrve has been an excellent partner to EA. Their platform has helped us gain a deeper understanding of our players and improve every aspect of our mobile games."
Dan Nord Electronic Arts Senior Director, Core Product

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No matter the industry, brand or audience, Swrve is able to mold and shape to your personal interests. See how we can work for you—specifically.

Swrve Games


Everything you need to drive mobile engagement and revenue in mobile games, all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Swrve Finan e


Drive views, shares and paid subscriptions with smart, targeted mobile campaigns.

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Swrve Retail


Whether mobile commerce or in-store, Swrve delivers great mobile experience and revenues to match.

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Swrve Lifestyle Apps


Your customers are on mobile. We help you build a relationship in the app.

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Swrve Media


Drive bookings, and deliver great travel experiences on mobile - all via Swrve's integrated marketing platform.

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