Swrve Retail

An integrated platform for retail on mobile

Designed for selling on mobile

Those who sell on mobile have certain common challenges. They need to make registration and purchase as easy as possible. They need to enhance bricks-and-mortar experiences. As an integrated tool for delivering targeted in-app campaigns and A/B testing content, Swrve gives them on platform - and the expertise - that makes it all happen.

Covering Every Angle

Covering Every Angle

Swrve delivers for retail at every level:

  • A/B test initial app experience to ensure potential shoppers stick around
  • Deliver in-app or push campaigns to users abandoning carts or reluctant to purchase
  • Create dynamic, optimized experiences unique to each user - without engineering effort or app store approval
Right Place, Right Time

Right Place, Right Time

The mobile app plays a vital role in supporting traditional high street retail. Swrve delivers sophisticated geo-location capabilities, enabling shoppers to pick up customized content and campaigns as they navigate inside or nearby real-world stores and locations. And as with all Swrve campaigns, our Customer Success team is ready to help you deploy the campaigns that will truly make a difference to your business.

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