Real-time Relevance Increases App Feature Engagement and MAU Retention

KeyPoint Credit Union uses Swrve to meet and exceed member expectations on mobile.

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About KeyPoint Credit Union

Born from Silicon Valley innovation and built to serve a diverse membership, KeyPoint is a full-service, not-for-profit credit union dedicated to providing financial solutions to help members achieve their financial goals. KeyPoint helps members make the most of their money –– earning more interest on savings, and paying less interest for credit.

Swrve - About KeyPoint Credit Union


Goals of the KeyPoint Credit Union team include meeting the real-time expectations of high-value members in Silicon Valley, delivering greater relevance on mobile, and increasing the utilization of app features. KeyPoint required a scalable customer engagement solution that would amplify member satisfaction efforts and reduce app churn.

By implementing a solution that could provide intelligent recommendations and end-to-end messaging automation, financial institutions like KeyPoint can guarantee consistently valuable experiences that exceed their goals.


Swrve gives teams the ability to track and target active users based on past, present, and future behaviors via the power of AI-driven predictive analytics. This would allow KeyPoint to refine the accuracy and precision of their messaging to create hyper personalized, targeted member experiences that increase KPIs like feature engagement and app retention.

With Swrve, KeyPoint could send mobile push and in-app messages that deliver real-time value and send feature promotions to the right member at the right time, all the time, which kept them relevant and in-the-moment with individual members when it mattered most.

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The Results

“We’ve found great success using Swrve in our campaigns. We’ve asked Swrve to elevate KeyPoint member experiences on mobile, and they’ve done exactly that,” says Belinda Blair, Vice President of Marketing at KeyPoint Credit Union. The team’s enjoyed a variety of favorable business outcomes, including:

  • More app opens and a sharp increase in Day 30 app retention
  • Exciting lifts in feature use and engagement
  • Valuable increases in monthly active user (MAU) retention
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