Real-time Relevance Scales 1:1 Engagement Across Millions of Players

Playrix uses Swrve to deliver hyper relevant messages across Gardenscapes, Wildscapes, Fishdom, Township, and Homescapes.

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About Playrix

Playrix is a mobile game development company founded in 2004. They started off as a casual game developer for PC and created several award-winning titles back then. Since 2011, Playrix has been focusing on free-to-play games for smartphones and tablets. Wildscapes, Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Township, Fishdom have been among the Top 10 Grossing Apps for iOS and Google Play since their release. 

Swrve - About Playrix


Goals of the Playrix team included meeting players where they are with mobile messaging that spoke to them as individuals. They required a solution that could scale to generate 1:1 engagement with these players at critical points in their journeys, and anticipate and take action on user behaviors in real time.

By implementing a solution that has enterprise-grade tools and triggers, dynamic orchestration, and hyper personalized message delivery supported by past, predictive, and real-time behaviors, Playrix had everything they needed to drive valuable engagement across journeys.



The Swrve platform was designed to handle the high points of first time user experience (FTUE), the immediacy and excitement around 1:1 messaging new levels, deliver surveys at optimal times of engagement, optimize live ops, and send messaging based on the frequency and recency that players exhibit at each stage of their journeys—all at a global, enterprise scale. 

With a mobile gaming solution from Swrve, the team at Playrix had the tools needed to keep engagement high across all five titles, maintain a strong and relevant presence on mobile, and gain more opens, longer sessions, and bigger returns on relevance daily.


The Results

The team has enjoyed a variety of favorable business outcomes, including millions of players engaged across Playrix’s most popular titles and billions of notifications sent at critical moments before, during, or after gameplay. After six years of partnering with Swrve, Playrix has grown to one of the top five iOS games developers (by revenue) in the world. They’re confidently delivering 1:1 engagement with exceptional speed and scale, bringing real-time relevance to every player interaction across titles.