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Embedded Experiences

Deliver the ultimate personal experience with native, embedded experiences that are relevant and contextual to each user, right inside your core app UI.

In-app Experience Embedded Experience

Build Native In-app Experiences

Customer experiences are everything. By personalizing your app’s experience you establish the best possible connection with your customers.

Create a Truly Connected Experience

Push Notification
In-app Message
Embedded Experience

Push notifications can be personal and relevant but exist outside the app to draw customers in.

In-app messages are overlaid on top of the app and can be used to draw attention to key features and information.

Embedded experiences exist within your app’s core UI, and are seamlessly native and a part of the app experience. Used together, they create a truly connected experience for your customers.

Create 100% Native In-app Messages

Create 100% Native In-app Messages

Instead of traditional in-app overlays or interstitials, embedded experiences go deeper by natively updating the app experience for individual users with personalization using real-time user properties. Embedded experiences can be integrated into your existing marketing cloud and CX technology to create truly personal connections across channels.

Build Relationships with 1:1 Targeting and Triggering on Mobile and TV

Build Relationships with 1:1 Targeting and Triggering on Mobile and TV

Coupled with Swrve’s behavioral segmentation, targeting, and triggering, marketing and product teams can trigger a variety of embedded messages natively in-app across mobile and digital TV.

  • Target specific user groups by in-app behaviors, propensity to churn, propensity to purchase, or recent searches, etc. 
  • Trigger embedded experiences at precise moments of engagement such as when the user lands on a specific page in your app, checks their app inbox, or activates a key feature. 

Embedded experiences are customized according to your preferences and your app

Showcase Modal
Alert Message
Banner Message
Single speed
Double speed

Optimize Your App for a 100% Personal Customer Experience

Embedded experiences enable app teams to flexibly create and optimize native experiences within the app using plain text content defined in Swrve. And this is not limited to content and messaging, for example game studios can increase or decrease the speed of gameplay to make the experience easier or difficult depending on the user.

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A/B Test and Optimize Different Embedded Experiences with Swrve

Utilize the power and flexibility of Swrve to schedule, trigger, segment, localize and A/B test embedded experiences as with any other Swrve message. Swrve supports personalization through real-time user properties and targets and triggers campaigns based on unique events, behaviors, or in-app actions to make every experience matter.

A/B Test and Optimize Different Embedded Experiences with Swrve
A/B Test and Optimize Different Embedded Experiences with Swrve
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