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In-App Experiences

Connect instantly with your customers with native, pixel perfect, in-app experiences that are dynamically personalized, built around every individual consumer, and delivered across platforms, channels, and devices.

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Direct to Consumer Engagement

As consumers spend 80% of the digital day inside apps, great in-app experiences are key to deepening the relationship between brand and consumer. With the Swrve in-app experience builder, brands create a direct-to-consumer channel with experiences that are uniquely personalized, and seamlessly native to the app.

Dynamic Personalization

Dynamic Personalization

The most personal experiences anticipate and solve customer needs as they occur. Connect personally with your customers using dynamic personalization—a seamless way to interact with individual customers using real-time user properties and in-app behaviors.

Fully personalize your in-app messages with dynamic images and text to make your communications hyper relevant to the customer.

Contextual Experiences Contextual Experiences

Contextual Experiences

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Stay Native and Pixel Perfect

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Consumers are trained to do one thing when a pop up message shows up—and that’s immediately look for the X button. Engage your customers with in-app experiences that don’t feel like a pop up, and instead are intrinsically native to your app. With no HTML and instant rendering capabilities, Swrve’s in-app experience builder let’s brands preview exactly how their experience will look in app, across devices and platforms.

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Localization and A/B Testing

Localization and A/B Testing

Global enterprises serve millions of customers across languages and timezones. Swrve makes it simple for enterprises to localize and A/B test in-app messages with a simple workflow. Just reuse generic assets from your first variant and update the content you want to localize. A/B test your messages in order to determine the best content every time.

Intelligent Design and Templates

Based on your selected device type and platform for in-app message content delivery, Swrve will provide custom templates for those devices. You decide whether or not you want your in-app message to be portrait, landscape, or in both orientations. We know flexibility is key so templates are provided for all platforms for campaigns that need to be truly multichannel. Stay secure in the knowledge that our safe zones will catch any siteline or formatting errors when you’re creating your message.

If you'd like to speak to one of our mobile experts, let us know.

If you'd like to speak to one of our mobile experts, let us know.

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