6 Ways iOS 12 can Helps Marketer Win More Moments of Customer Engagement

Topics Covered

This session will cover why you need to be thinking about the upcoming new iOS release when it comes to your marketing efforts.

  • Quiet Delivery of Push Notifications
  • People can now instantly turn off notifications
  • No more asking for permission to send push notifications
  • Grouped notifications
  • Dynamic interactive notifications
  • Critical notifications


1) Quiet Delivery of Push Notifications

We are all familiar with notifications delivered onto our home screen.  A new feature of iOS12 is Quiet Delivery. With quiet delivery,  notifications don't sound an alert and skip the home screen entirely. Instead, they are sent straight to Notification Center.

Obviously, no longer having access to the home screen will significantly impact engagement rates.

2) People can now instantly turn off notifications

Instant Tuning is a significant new feature of iOS12. It enables people to control their notification settings within the actual notification (previously people had to head to settings).  

So if notifications are spammy or annoying, the user can (and will) turn them off right in the offending notification. 


3) No more asking for permission to send push notifications

In iOS12, there's no longer a requirement for users to grant permission to receive push notifications. Apple calls this an automatic trial.  The default setting is Delivered Quietly meaning messages automatically get delivered quietly to Notification Center.

Sounds great for marketers, but there's a catch. In every notification, the user can then decide if they want to receive traditional alerts, keep them quiet, or turn off altogether. So if your content is irrelevant, ...

4) Grouped notifications

By default, notifications from the same app will be automatically grouped. So instead of scrolling through endless email, Instagram or WhatsApp notifications, these will now be grouped by app.

Grouped notifications will likely improve the visibility of notifications for all apps.


5) Dynamic interactive notifications

The actions extension of notifications can now be customized.  In short, this enables marketers to create a unique call-to-action right inside the notification. This will likely improve conversion.

6) Critical notifications

Critical notifications will be delivered with sound and on screen, even if Do Not Disturb mode is enabled. They have a red-warning icon and a custom configuration setting into the app settings. Apple limits the critical notifications usage to medical, health, home, security apps.