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Introducing Swrve's Real-Time Email Adaptor

Deliver email in-the-moment, from your existing email platform, in response to mobile app events.

Email joins the mobile marketing stack

Email Joins The Mobile Marketing Stack

Sometimes there’s nothing like an email for getting the message across. But old-school batch email campaigns are often unwelcome and ineffective.

Swrve enables you to send email on a 1-2-1 basis, triggered directly by real-time events within the mobile app​, either at that moment or after a specified delay​. It’s meaningful email for the mobile age.

Use App Data Dynamically In Email Content

Use App Data Dynamically In Email Content

Swrve email is enriched with the facts that matter to make your communications more personal than ever before. Insert key details relating to purchase and mobile browsing activity that took place only a moment ago.

Use key demographic data to individualize every email communication. Make email more effective than ever.

Manage Lists Based On User Behavior

Manage Lists Based On User Behavior

Swrve doesn’t just send email in the moment, we can also add and remove users from pre-existing email lists.

When a customer browses men’s fashion in the mobile app, add them to the men’s fashion email list within your existing email engine - without over-riding existing permissions settings.

Your email campaigns are now informed by behavior on every channel - in real-time.

Extend Your Existing Investment

Swrve Email is designed to be an extension to your existing email solution. Why remove or replace what already works when mobile can inform campaigns delivered via your existing systems.

And by retaining best-of-breed email design and creation systems, there’s no need for any compromise when it comes to the quality of your communications.

Who Do We Connect With?

Who Do We Connect With?

Swrve Email integrates our leading mobile marketing automation engine with the major players in the email space including SendGrid, Salesforce and MailChimp.

Our customers can create emails within any of these platforms and deliver them directly into response from real-time Swrve-processed events.