Swrve Premium Analytics: Really know your users

Swrve Premium Analytics: Really Know Your Users

Deliver maximum insight around your mobile users. Mine billions of events to discover the truth about your mobile business - and optimize for greater success and revenue.

Your Mobile Data At Your Fingertips

With Swrve Premium analytics, you get faster business insight. Simple SQL queries deliver answers direct from every piece of data generated by your app.

More Insight - More Knowledge - More Revenue

Better, faster access to your data means you’ll identify threats and opportunities to your mobile business faster than ever before. And as Premium Analytics is integrated with the entire Swrve marketing suite, you’ll be able to take action right from the dashboard

No Set-Up, Easy-to-use

Premium analytics brings mobile data to the masses. With zero set-up overhead and an easy-to-use interface, anyone in the organization who needs answers can get them: fast.

Every Mobile Event That Matters

Every Mobile Event That Matters

Any analytics package is only as good as the data that goes in. And Swrve collects more data than any other mobile marketing platform on the planet. Whatever the question, your data has the answers.

Share Data Without Limits

Share Data Without Limits

Swrve can take data from multiple and multi-channel sources, enabling your team to get the full picture relating to how consumers behave in every channel that matters to your business

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