Introducing The Swrve Intent Engine

Introducing The Swrve Intent Engine

Know your customers like never before. Convert every behavior and every interaction across your digital platforms into real-time customer intent.​

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Every Action, Every Channel....

The Swrve Intent Engine starts from a simple premise: great communication requires great insight. On that basis, we collect and make available customer data of the most detailed granularity. That means not just “Booked a flight”, but “Booked a flight to any London airport”. And not just “Booked a flight to any London airport” but “Booked a flight to any London airport with a departure date between 7 and 14 days in the the future”” - on any channel, and at any time you choose to specify.

Intent Targeting
Intent Targeting

In Any Combination You Choose….

Our approach goes way beyond simple (if detailed) queries like the one above. The Intent Engine builds live audiences based on any combination of these events, and supports the application of any frequency and recency rules - applied independently to each component of a multi-stage query.
That means full support for queries such as “Booked a flight at any time to any London airport with a departure date between 7 and 14 days in the the future, and has paid for a seat upgrade at least 3 times in the past 2 years””

See The Intent Engine In Action

It’s fast and easy to build highly-targeted audiences with Intent Targeting - and use them to build great campaigns that deliver real results to multi-channel businesses

Introducing The Swrve Intent Engine
Intent Targeting - desktop app

Real-Time Access To Real-Time Data

Swrve’s Intent Engine builds audiences based on user events as of now. Not four hours ago. Not a day ago. NOW. In a fast-moving multi-channel world, that matters. And we generate audiences right there during campaign creation. There’s no need to build complex queries or wait for results to return. Simply tell Swrve exactly who you want to send a campaign to and you’ll have your audience immediately.

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Powering The World’s Leading Customer Interaction Engine

Knowledge without power will only get you so far. Fortunately the Intent Engine powers a full range of campaign types (push, in-app, email, UX) across a range of channels including native mobile, desktop and OTT platforms. No vendor provides the same range of campaigns, and the same control over those campaigns, as Swrve. That’s why when you build audiences with Intent Engine, you’re able to put them to effective use immediately

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