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OTT Churn and Retention - Increasing Lifetime Subscriber Value

Topics Covered

Find out how to reduce churn and increase lifetime subscriber value in the OTT video streaming landscape.

Swrve CMO, Barry Nolan and Parks Associates co-host a webinar that discusses:

  • The current OTT market
  • The challenges that providers face
  • And practical case studies and examples that will help your business reduce churn and increase lifetime subscriber value.

OTT Churn and Retention - Increasing Lifetime Subscriber Value

The Opportunity

Currently, more than 85% of U.S. millennials subscribe to at least one OTT video service. By 2022, more than 265 million households worldwide will have more than 400 million OTT video service subscriptions. Now is the time to nurture longterm, loyal customers.

The Challenge

Churn in the OTT market differs significantly from churn in the traditional pay-TV market. Services have low barriers to entry in the OTT market, and this highly competitive landscape forces many services to promote free trials and ease of cancelling subscriptions in order to win more subscribers.

The result is a market where consumers are primed to switch from service to service, abuse the industry-standard free month trial, and waft in and out of subscriptions based on the availability of popular new series.


The Solution

To succeed in this world of churn, video services are having to rethink their approach. It’s now essential to deepen customer relationships by delivering hyper-relevant communications to each customer, in a segment-of-one approach, across multiple channels. The results are increased loyalty, engagement and ultimately lifetime value.