Meet Swrve at the European Digital Banking Summit

MAY 13TH - MAY 15TH, 2019

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Leverage Real-Time Relevance in your Banking App

Apps in fintech are facing a challenge. There are more people in their apps in one minute, than there are in bricks-and-mortar stores in an entire week. The problem? They stay in the app for just seconds at a time. Using Swrve’s advanced targeting and triggering technologies, app marketers can capture these users when they are in the app, and deliver them engaging, relevant content in real time that will boost retention rates by 32%. Our experts will be on the ground at the European Digital Banking Summit to demonstrate Swrve’s real-time capabilities, and discuss how it recognizes business value like never before.

Join Swrve in London

The European Digital Banking Summit plays host to a community of senior digital banking and fintech leaders from across the European banking sector who come together to address the key challenges and opportunities in fintech today. With bespoke agendas for each guest, you’re guaranteed a unique interactive experience that truly allows for accelerated business discussions, and executive level networking in a content rich environment.