As an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner and a Twitter Marketing Platform Partner, AppsFlyer empowers you to track and optimize social campaigns running on the best-performing ad networks in the mobile ecosystem. With just a few clicks, you can easily configure a range of social campaigns and see the results in your dashboard.
Get all the real-time data you need to maximize your advertising ROI: Clicks, Organic and non-organic installs, Conversion rates, revenue and ARPU. Then take action with different experiences for users from different sources.

AppsFlyer's SDK is lightweight and can be integrated in minutes. Once integrated, you'll be able to measure all your campaigns in a single real time dashboard. Because we're integrated with over 1000 partners, it will make your life much simpler as you won't have to involve your IT to integrate the SDK of every network you want to work with (not to mention the impact on app performance when running with a single SDK).

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