Oracle Marketing Cloud

Consumers take it for granted that they can have a single conversation with the brands they love. Having a unified and compreshensive web, email and mobile experience has never been more important. Swrve's integrated Eloqua plugin gives you complete control over the entire conversation.

Whether you are talking to a consumer or a business user it's clear that mobile is increasingly a key part of that dialog. Swrve's Oracle MArketing CLor integration takes information from Eloqua and makes it available and actionable inside Swrve. It also takes all the mobile information and makes it available right inside Eloqua. With this fully integrated solution every step of the consumers lifecycle can be controlled, tested and optimized from Eloqua. A consumer can start a conversation on the web, continue it inside the native mobile app on the way home, perhaps recieve a nurturing email nudging them along - and then finish the step on their phone as they wait for the train next morning… all powered by Eloqua and Swrve.

For the existing Eloqua user working with Swrve is intuitive and powerful. A simple SDK drops into your native app and once initial integration is done you are free to innovate without needing to pull in engineering resources. Native canvas elements can be dragged and placed easily creating omni-channel campaigns. All your data, web, email and mobile is available at any time. Our Marketing Cloud component does all the hard work in the background.