Founded in 2011 Kochava is somwhat of a UA attribution veteran! With our Kocha integration you can leverage all that experience with one of the largest networks of publisher integrations out there.

Through Kochava, brands can measure app engagements and conversions, demographic information and more. Kochava allows advertisers to visually see the true impact of their user acquisition investments across more than 1,200 publisher and network partners. With real-time attribution and analytics, Kochava puts critical metrics at advertisers' fingertips empowering them to make real-time decisions to optimize mobile ad spend. Kochava's integration with Swrve will help you understand exactly where you users are coming from and more importantly understand which sounce is driving the kinds of users that are valuable to your app. Even more importantly you'll be able to deeply trace value and high ROI campaigns and double down on the ones giving you the best return.

The Kochava SDK provides out-of-the-box integration with over 1000 publishers and networks. Use tracker URLs to attribute installs.

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