Swrve provides full support for mobile app development for the Windows10 phone, and is the only mobile marketing automation platform to support all three of the major mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, and Windows10

For Windows10 mobile app developers, Swrve is the complete mobile engagement solution to drive retention, engagement and monetization. After integration of the Swrve SDK into the mobile app, Swrve enables marketers to build highly relevant and personalized mobile campaigns, delivered as in-app messages or push notifications. These campaigns in turn help build relationships with mobile users and manage the mobile customer lifecycle - meaning successful mobile apps!

After integration, no development or engineering work is required to make and send campaigns. These campaigns are built in a web browser using an intuitive visual interface, and can be sent to any device to instantly QA the message. 

Swrve processes billions of user events a day, to provide the most granular view of the customer imaginable. The platform operates at scale for some of the world's most successful mobile businesses - across all mobile operating systems.