Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The customer revolution has begun—and it’s never been more important to develop real relationships with your customers. As the world’s most powerful 1:1 digital marketing platform, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you make the most of every customer interaction. Swrve's ExactTarget plugin gives you complete control over the entire mobile lifecycle. 

When you are trying to connect with consumers, Salesforce's Marketing Cloud is one of the best solutions in the business. The SF Marketing Cloud brings email, web and social inside a ground breaking UI. With Swrve you can take an already great solution to the next level.

For the existing Marketing Cloud user, working with Swrve is intuitive and quick. Drag and drop new Journey Builder actions right into the canvas and you'll quickly have the two systems working together. The heavy lifting gets done by our robust server-to-server integration and all happens automatically behind the scenes. Now you can bring all the smarts and power of the Marketing Cloud right inside your native mobile app. No more blind spots, no more lost users - just a 360 degree view of everything thats happening and all the power you need to connect with your consumer.

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