The combination of native mobile apps and email designed to be read on mobile is a sweet one we believe. We've partnered with Sendgrid to get a great combination of deliverability and template driven control.

Users will interact with your company in a whole range of different ways. One that's holding its own is email and specifically email thats read on the mobile device. Drop your users a welcome email. Email them with special offers or to let them know that they've left something in their shopping cart. The uses are endless.

Getting set up with Sendgrid requires no engineering effort whatsoever. We'll help you with the small amount of ninja script you'll need to drop into our webhooks and hey-presto you'll be up and sending personalized emails in no time. Over on the Sendgrid side you can build out responsive great looking templates and test them all from within a single easy to use SaaS platform. No IT, no deliverability problems. Just easy.

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