Location-Based Engagement for Global Brands

Swrve and Bluedot set a new industry standard for location-based marketing

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High-Accuracy, Location-Based Marketing and Engagement

Swrve’s partnership with Bluedot brings the digital and physical worlds closer together with the most precise location-based marketing available. Leading global brands use this combination to amplify and sharpen engagement across channels with marketing experiences that are delivered where and when they have the most impact.

High-Accuracy, Location-Based Marketing and Engagement

Be More Relevant with Customer Location Data

Swrve and Bluedot’s partnership uses customer location data, combined with any other behavioral data, to make customer journeys more relevant than ever before. The combination of Swrve’s dynamic micro-targeting and Bluedot’s location-based triggering gives brands complete control over the audiences and timing of push and in-app messages, so they can respond to the individual needs of a customer in real time.

Map Out Any Location

Swrve and Bluedot support geofences and geolocations with accuracy down to 5 meters. Our offering also gives brands the ability to create polygons in any shape to accommodate any environment. Real-time usage tracking knows when these razor-thin virtual lines are crossed by customers, triggering customer interactions that are relevant enough to drive measurable business outcomes for brands.

Deepen Customer Insights

Swrve and Bluedot connect to make individual customer insights deeper and more robust, helping brands make their campaigns more relevant to individual customer interests, preferences, and needs. It makes it possible to know when a customer enters a competitor’s store, giving you the opportunity to send them a personalized offer. You can know when a customer is leaving a concert, or just landed on a flight, and engage with them for feedback on their experience.