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Relationships Built on Relevance Boost Your Returns

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Relevance builds powerful relationships, and those relationships turn into repeatable revenue for your brand. Industry leaders choose Swrve to keep customers coming back, skyrocket conversion rates, and advance ongoing monetization and growth.

Increase the Value of Every Interaction

How do you get a customer to click, consider, and convert? You have to understand what they’re looking for, and respond in a timely manner. Use Swrve’s unparalleled customer data processing and analytics capabilities to capture metrics on user behavior. Then, instead of agonizing over which action to take next, let Swrve do it for you—capitalizing on each engagement with relevant, optimized messages that Swrve calculates and delivers in real-time.

The power of relevance drives mobile-first brands to exceed expectations in key metrics:

  • Conversions
  • Revenue Per Engagement
  • ARPU
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Earn Loyalty through Relevant Engagement

You retain customers by providing them with value, plain and simple. But understanding how to provide value, and delivering on it, can prove challenging for many businesses.

With Swrve, leverage your wealth of customer data—like usage, location, or purchase history—to identify what matters to your users, and provide valuable communications at the most opportune times and places. Building user loyalty also comes with significant increases in:

  • DAUs
  • Retention
  • Push Opt-Ins
  • App Ratings
  • Mobile and Web Sessions
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Predict & Influence What Your Users Do Next

Catch your users before they uninstall by monitoring for dips in consistent engagement. Use Swrve’s AI-powered predictive models to determine which users are about to churn and automatically send relevant, customized reminders through push messages, SMS, email, and beyond.

Brands that run personalized reengagement campaigns for at-risk users are more likely to experience:

  • Increased Purchase Completion Rates
  • Elevated Abandoned Cart Rev
  • Higher Overall Revenue
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Rekindle Past Connections

Remind lost users that they can always pick up where they left off. With Swrve, you can:

  • Analyze past user behavior to understand why your users churned.
  • Create and launch targeted campaigns and messages to lost users through other channels, including:
    • Email marketing
    • Mobile and web push notifications
  • Motivate users to reinstall your app and reengage with you.
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We have been in mobile gaming for years, and our titles have grown into tens of millions of MAU. Throughout the years Swrve has been our partner. We rely on them to get high quality data and generate consistent analytics reports on our worldwide customer base.

Webinar: Unlock Real-time Relevance Anywhere with Swrve and Bluedot

As the leading provider in real-time, relevant customer experiences, Swrve is delighted to be partnered with location-based marketing technology Bluedot, for the joint webinar: How to Unlock Real-time Relevance Everywhere.

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How to Unlock Real-Time Relevance Everywhere

Swrve’s Chief of Product Lisa Cleary will be joined by Judy Chan, Head of Marketing at Bluedot in the upcoming webinar to discuss how today’s global brands can deliver real-time relevant customer experiences

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