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In the rush to expand where they engage, brands today often skip an essential requirement: expanding how they engage. Marketing has shifted from mass campaigns to personal, contextual, relevant user experiences, delivered in real time.

Is Your Marketing Relevant to Your Customers?

84% of consumers say most communications they receive from businesses are irrelevant. 52% switch brands because experiences are not personalized. And a staggering $1 trillion will be lost by businesses who fail to be relevant to consumers. Today's marketing demands relevance.

With Swrve, you get unparalleled insight into your users’ behaviors and goals through Swrve’s behavioral instrumentation of your mobile, web, or TV apps, and robust integration between all your customer databases. Create personalized messages that correspond to real user behavior and build relationships on a strong foundation of trust and value.    

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Engage Proactively, in Real Time

It’s no longer enough for a brand to respond quickly to a customer request—you have to respond in real time, ideally anticipating the need in advance to ensure customers can always access maximum value.

As Swrve processes user behaviors in real-time, customer interactions fire automatically — on any channel — the instant targeting and triggering conditions are met. This means that your brand is always present, providing guidance and value as customer needs arise.

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Communicate Across Every Channel

Today's consumers use a multitude of channels for work and for play—desktop/mobile, web/mobile apps, SMS/messaging apps, and more. However, the channels where users choose to engage often don’t align with those of the business, creating communication silos, misinformation, and missed opportunities.

With Swrve’s multi channel customer engagement capabilities, unify your campaigns with shared targeting, triggering, personalization, and workflow across channels, including:

  • Mobile in-app and push messaging
  • Web push messaging
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Messaging through video streaming platforms like Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku
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Let AI Do the Hardest Parts for You

Why would you spend your valuable time and resources manually scheduling messages to customers, or trying to predict when a customer is most likely to want to receive a message, across multiple time zones and preferences? With Swrve, AI picks the perfect time to deliver your campaign.

With just the click of a button, Swrve's Autopilot AI will deliver each message to each customer at the optimal time for them. Swrve clients entrust Autopilot optimal time delivery to handle 70 percent of all scheduled messages. Most clients achieve double or triple engagement rates compared to manual scheduling.

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With Swrve, we were able to employ dynamic engagement with behavioral data, lifecycle plans and A/B testing to sell hundreds of thousands of new paid plans, increase app retention (12%+), daily engagement (7%+) while decreasing customer service calls. We're looking forward to further success using Swrve to introduce our new PlayGo video service to customers in all our markets. Dario Bianchi, Global Director Products & Digital at Digicel

Webinar: Unlock Real-time Relevance Anywhere with Swrve and Bluedot

As the leading provider in real-time, relevant customer experiences, Swrve is delighted to be partnered with location-based marketing technology Bluedot, for the joint webinar: How to Unlock Real-time Relevance Everywhere.

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FIVE CAMPAIGNS THAT Drive Revenues In Mobile Games

Revenue from mobile games now exceeds that from consoles and PCs combined - an estimated $140 billion in 2018.

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Meet Swrve at Casual Connect

Join us in Orange County, California from August 27th to August 29th. Swrve will be joined by the world's leading games companies for three days of research, networking, and conversation.

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