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Seize Opportunities Across All Channels

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Successful monetization comes from serving contextual, relevant experiences to users at their time of need. With Swrve, you can unlock customer intent and monetize it across mobile, web, & TV channels.

Get a 360° view of every customer and prospect

Swrve is the glue that holds your mobile, digital, marketing, and product strategies together. Consolidate customer behavioral data in real-time from every conceivable source—from web apps to mobile apps, CRMs, and transaction engines. With the insight you gain, you can:

  • Target customers and prospects with tailored messaging
  • Engage with users throughout the purchase flow

Influence purchase decisions and nurture users for ongoing monetization

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Unlock true intent and trigger relevant messages

While monitoring events (like a purchase) within your app may help you understand customer behavior, you can only unlock true customer intent through context. With Swrve, uncover every aspect of an event (like what they purchased and when) and connect it to past events to learn your customers’ goals.

When you understand what your customers are trying to do, you can respond with relevance. Trigger personalized messages based on current actions and previous history, like:

  • Sending a notification when a customer is near your store
  • Reminding users of forgotten shopping cart items
  • Nurturing a customer who has completed their third search for the same item in the past two days
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Anticipate churn and reverse downward trends

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology pervades the Swrve platform, continually analyzing the streams of customer data to help you make the best business decisions.

With Swrve, automatically predict which individuals may churn based on engagement and other user behaviors. Then, deploy campaigns across channels to help retain customers before they leave, like offering discounts to disengaged users.

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Test and refine the purchase experience

Could your app itself be keeping users from making purchases? In mobile more so than any other channel, it is critical to test and optimize the purchase user experience. Minute variations in UX, wording, calls-to-action, button placement/color/size have a meaningful impact on conversion.

With Swrve, you can test any aspect of the user experience. Machine learning and AI produce statistically meaningful test results to enable better, faster, and data-driven UX decisions.

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We chose Swrve for their robust platform services including in-app notifications and alerts as well as in-depth analytics related to campaign performance. The Swrve platform has helped us learn a lot about our user base and their needs. We look forward to implementing more of the technology that Swrve offers including A/B testing, omni-channel campaigns with integrated email as well as support for set-top devices with their release of a Roku SDK. Tony Huidor, Vice President, Product & Operations, Cinedigm

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