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How can you understand what millions of your customers want and need at any given time? AI and machine learning are the secret to achieving relevance as audiences continue to grow in size and complexity. With Swrve’s advanced AI and machine learning, increase retention and grow revenue through intelligent messaging, churn prediction, and optimized A/B testing. 

Automatically Deliver Messages at the Optimal Time

To be relevant today, brands must go beyond personalized content—that content has to be delivered at the right time, too. Instead of manually analyzing millions of users across time zones and preferences and guessing what’s right for each individual, let Swrve’s AI do the hard work for you.

With Swrve’s Autopilot feature, increase response rates with AI that learns each customer's response pattern to push notifications. Simply click a button in a push campaign to tell Autopilot to schedule deliveries at the optimal time of day for each customer to engage.

Prevent Churn By Addressing It Sooner

Eliminate guesswork from your user retention strategy. Identify users at risk immediately, and nurture them back to your app through intelligent campaigns. 

With Swrve, machine learning identifies mathematical patterns in your customers’ behavioral data to score each individual user on how likely they are to churn. Then, you can target retention campaigns to those with the lowest scores, along with any other dynamic targeting criteria you’d like to include.

Optimize UX with AI-Powered A/B Testing

A/B testing different aspects of your app’s user experience (UX) can be a laborious process, based largely on educated guesses and manual updates.

With Swrve, automatically change apps with confidence using AI-assisted results from UX A/B testing. Test multiple UX resource variants to reveal different aspects of performance, such as the number of users who engage, behaviors that followed and revenue generated by variant. Automate testing of virtually any mobile app resource, such as:

  • navigation and menu structures
  • onboarding sequences
  • price points and pay walls
  • transaction flows and checkouts
  • default configuration settings

Test the Content of Your Messaging Campaigns

A/B testing your content is common practice for experienced marketers, to ensure you’re delivering relevant material that resonates with your customers.

With Swrve, take A/B testing to the next level. Target any segment of users you choose to test the contents of in-app messages, push notifications, SMS, email, and more. Optimize your approach with AI-assisted results from your campaigns.

We chose Swrve for their robust platform services including in-app notifications and alerts as well as in-depth analytics related to campaign performance. The Swrve platform has helped us learn a lot about our user base and their needs. We look forward to implementing more of the technology that Swrve offers including A/B testing, omni-channel campaigns with integrated email as well as support for set-top devices with their release of a Roku SDK. Tony Huidor, Vice President, Product & Operations, Cinedigm

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