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Engage and Retain to Drive Revenue and Monetization

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The Customer Journey Is Mobile & Multichannel

Brands today aren’t just competing with other companies that sell the same product or service anymore—they’re competing for attention in the mobile, multichannel, digital experience economy. Reaching consumers at the time and place of their choosing requires constant collaboration between marketing, digital, product, customer success, and mobile teams.

Swrve is the platform for everyone involved in engaging and retaining customers. Achieve return on relevance at every step of the dynamic customer journey to maximize measurable business outcomes.

Relevant Communications, Real Results

When you connect with consumers like the humans they are, with real time relevant messaging delivered at the right time, in the right place—those consumers will reward you. They’ll keep coming back.

Engagement & Retention

React instantly to user behavior on any channel through intelligent, 1:1 interactions, optimized in the moment through AI and real-time relevance assessment.

Our Customers’ Return on Relevance

  • 30% ARPU
  • 60% DAUs
  • 243% Rev. Per Engagement
  • 40% Conversions
  • 45% Push Opt-Ins
  • 32% in Day 3 Retention

Revenue & Monetization

Engaged users return to your brand, complete more purchases, rate your app and make referrals, and increase your overall revenue.

With Swrve, we were able to employ dynamic engagement with behavioral data, lifecycle plans and A/B testing to sell hundreds of thousands of new paid plans, increase app retention (12%+), daily engagement (7%+) while decreasing customer service calls. We're looking forward to further success using Swrve to introduce our new PlayGo video service to customers in all our markets. Dario Bianchi, Global Director Products & Digital at Digicel

Webinar: Unlock Real-time Relevance Anywhere with Swrve and Bluedot

As the leading provider in real-time, relevant customer experiences, Swrve is delighted to be partnered with location-based marketing technology Bluedot, for the joint webinar: How to Unlock Real-time Relevance Everywhere.

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FIVE CAMPAIGNS THAT Drive Revenues In Mobile Games

Revenue from mobile games now exceeds that from consoles and PCs combined - an estimated $140 billion in 2018.

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Meet Swrve at Casual Connect

Join us in Orange County, California from August 27th to August 29th. Swrve will be joined by the world's leading games companies for three days of research, networking, and conversation.

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